ZURURU Fitness Tracker Review – Is Worth it?

Fitness trackers are very common these days for sports and health enthusiasts. Let’s accept it: they can track your physical activity, movement, heartbeat, distance covered and so on. With a rise in digital devices that have helped the health and fitness industry, you may be inundated with the best device to keep track of your daily physical routine. To bring you budget friendly and reliable fitness trackers, our team has reviewed ZURURU Fitness tracker. Let’s see if it really is worth your money, shall we?

Zururu Fitness Tracker To Measure Daily Fitness Activities

Rating Scale
Quality: 4.7/5
Pricing: 4.6/5
Performance: 4.8/5

ZURURU Fitness Tracker Features

Monitors Heart Rate: ZURURU fitness tracker monitors your heart rate throughout the day. Its accurate heart beat monitor keeps track of your heart beat all day long.

Sleep Tracking: ZURURU Fitness tracker tracks your sleep throughout the night, including deep sleep and awake sleep. 

Pedometer: ZURURU comes with an inbuilt sophisticated electronic pedometer that counts your steps daily or at any given moment. 

Calorie Consumption: It keeps track of calories consumed throughout the day.

Digital Tracking: ZURURU Fitness tracker keeps track of everything the body goes through all day long.

Calls and Sms Notification: ZURURU notifies you of calls and message alerts once connected to your smartphone.

Social media alerts: It notifies you of social media notifications including facebook, whatsapp, Instagram etc.


  • ZURURU Fitness tracker can be charged in about two hours. A single charge can last for up to 7 days at the least. 
  • Can be connected to a smartphone with Android 4.4 and IOS 7.1 and above.
  • Can be connected to bluetooth 4.0 and above.
  • ZURURU Fitness tracker have a modern and sleek overall look.

✔️ Heart Rate Monitoring
✔️GPS Connectivity
✔️IPS68 Waterproof
✔️Health Conscious
✔️Multi Sports Mode

❌ Take time to sync with Phone

Review of ZURURU Fitness Tracker

ZURURU Fitness Tracker is an ideal sports gadget for health enthusiasts. It is the most affordable fitness device available online and in stores. High-end brands like Samsung and Apple have held the fitness industry in its grips, but ZURURU Fitness Tracker has proved over time not only to be reliable but also as good as its other counterparts. It’s an absolute steal in a price 10x cheaper and is user-friendly, reliable, and equipped with most of the features that other fitness trackers have.

 Below is some of Zururu fitnes tracker’s features:

➢Charging time: 2 hours
➢Battery life: 7 days at maximum
➢Screen Size: 0.96 inches
➢Compatible device: Android 4.4 & above, IOS 7.1 and above
➢Bluetooth compatibility: 4.0 and above
➢Waterproof: Ip68
➢Colours Available: 4-5 variations including Black, Light Purple, Purple, Navy, Purple

The Catch

Our team comprises dedicated researchers and marketers, and the product we bring you forth have been researched and experimented thoroughly. ZURURU is the real deal, that offers such sophisticated features which are difficult to find in a price range like this. It is multi featured and fully equipped with the latest design, specification and software. 

Heart Rate Monitoring

The most important feature of ZURURU Fitness Tracker is its heart beat monitoring. Athletes and runners have long known the importance of monitoring their heart rate. Lower heart rate signifies a calm and healthy heart, higher heart rate signifies unusual physical and mental activity. ZURURU monitors heart rate accurately and keeps records in the Hband APP. The Heart Rate tracking works 24 hours, and you can almost get the numeric any moment throughout the day. After questioning many users, our team concluded that Heart Rate Monitoring is ZURURO’s most important and useful feature among the rest.

Sleep Monitoring

A good night’s sleep is fundamental to a healthy body. Trainers and Fitness Gurus advise sleep tracking for a healthy body and sound mind. Tracking sleep patterns is an important milestone for a healthy lifestyle. Zururu Fitness Tracker monitors sleep throughout the night.  It tracks different phases of sleep, including deep sleep and awake sleep. By tracking your sleep patterns,  you will have a better idea of the hindrance to your sound sleep, and that in return will promise a healthy and fit body. 

Digital Tracking

Apart from being a fitness tracker, ZURURU Fitness tracker is a fitness tracker cum Smart watch. It features almost everything that a smart watch is built around. ZURURU can notify you of message alerts and call notifications on your phone, for which purpose syncing it with your smartphone is necessary. It also can inform you of notification across social platforms including whatsapp messages, call notifications and facebook alerts plus messages from Facebook Messenger. Clutched to your wrist, ZURURU fitness Tracker is a digital tracker too at best, which keeps you off the phone but at the same time informs you what’s going on there. Digital Tracking ability makes ZURURU Fitness Tracker a versatile tracker among its top contemporaries across the market. And users find it more useful having a digital tracking ability, along with its fitness tracking speciality.


ZURURU Fitness tracker is equipped with GPS Tracking. Upon enabling it can record routes and paths frequented during your physical activity. ZURURO’s inbuilt GPS also records pace distance and a map of your workout Path. Which further customises your fitness goals and a clear roadmap to your healthy and fit lifestyle. GPS can also help locate your device and your smartphone alike.

Multi-Sports Mode

ZURURU’s Multi sports mode enables you to track your workout in different modes. It enables tracking distance, pace, calorie burn, steps tracking according to the sport mode. ZURURU Fitness Tracker features around 20 sport modes including Football, Cricket, Basketball, Long Tennis, Swimming, Rugby and Badminton. It tracks your Physical Activity according to the sport and record tracking based on the sport.


Zururu Fitness Tracker is feasible in use. It is wrist sensitive, which means it is activated directly when the inbuilt sensor feels the wrist’s beat. It is lightweight, modern, sleekly designed and fully equipped but with a simple to use manual. Featuring digital tracking it is a watch and almost performs half a smartphone’s job too. Its user base is wide and our team concluded that its wide range use in the fitness industry is due to its feasibility. It’s a go-to fitness tracker in every gym trainer’s recommendation list across the US.

What you actually get?

Accountability: Zururu keeps you accountable in your fitness journey and keeps a check on your activity, and informs you of it.

Better Decisions: ZURURU Fitness Tracker commits you to make wise decisions in your fitness and health journey. By tracking your physical activity and recording your daily activity, it splashes before your eyes a road map to achieve your goals.

Contentment: Healthy choices and a healthy physique leads to achieving a healthy mind. ZURURU offers you your fitness journey at hand and the mind is happy when the body is tired.

Zururu Fitness Tracker Alternatives

Although, Zururus is one of the best fitness trackers for fitness enthusiasts and has features that are appealing to a different demographics, there’s still other fitness trackers that we think can be alternative to this.

1. EngerWall Fitness Tracker

This is another great budget friendly fitness tracker that counts steps, calories, heart rate, and sleep. It’s comes in 7 different colors, with black and grey as the most favourite ones on Amazon. Its IP68 waterproof technology and long standby time of 7-14 days make it worthwhile for people who do extreme sports or long distances. But that’s not the end: it can display call and message notifications and measure body temparature.

With a screen size of 0.96 inches and clear LCD display, EngerWall is one of the best alternative fitness tracker. Check its Price

2. MorePro Fitness Tracker

MorePro is yet another fitness tracker alternative to Zururu fitness tracker. It measures blood pressure (this one’s tricky), blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep, and almost all physical activity. Unlike many other fitness trackers, MorePro has a somewhat wider and bigger display, giving it a pro look over its counterparts.

It also comes in 4 different colors including black, grey, pink, and purple. Morepro syncs with FitCloudPro app to report and record your fitness data 24/7. Moreover, it also works with Android and iOS devices and is suitable for men and women alike.

You can check it out on Amazon website and look at reviews as we think this can be a better alternative to Zururu fitness tracker. Check Price on Amazon

3. FitVII fitness tracker

Another best alternative to Zururu fitness tracker is a high rated fitness tracker on Amazon. FITVII fitness tracker is somewhat similar to MorePro. Boasting 4000+ reviews with an average rating of 4.0 out of 5.0, FitVII is a versatile fitness watch for fitness activities.

It has all the usual trackers and fitness measurement capibilities that MorePro and Zururu has. One thing that’s different about this fitness tracker is its jewelry type design. Combining this elegent style with a reliable and accurate fitness tracking features, FitVII is a favourite fitness tracker.

Its battery lasts up to 10 days. It connects with most smartphones (both android and iOS), and is waterproof. Check out Price

Frequently Asked Questions About Zururu Fitness Tracker

1. Is Zururu fitness tracker best for extreme fitness activities?

Yes, Zururu fitness tracker is sturdy, has long battery life, accurate, and is comfortable enough to be used for extreme fitmess activities.

2. Does Zururu fitness tracker have a GPS tracker?

Zururu connects with your phone through an app. Hence, it uses GPS from your phone and render data in real time.

3. How to change home screen display face on Zururu?

You can change the display on screen from your settings. If you’re unsure, find out details about it in your manual or the app.

4. What’s the model name/number of this fitness tracker?

This specific Zururu fitness tracker is Fitwatch XP.

5. Does Zururu fitness tracker display message on the screen?

Yes, you can see your messages on your fitness watch screen without any issue.


And tha’ts it for the review on Zururu fitness tracker. It is among the most budget friendly fitness tracker with well equipped smart features. As a smart watch, it can help you become more productive and improve your fitness activites. If you think it’s something you’d love to have and test and give it a try, go to Amazon and get it while it’s still in the stock.