Which one to Buy: Sole f63 vs f80 Treadmill Comparison Review

The sole f63 treadmill has been around for some time now, and the updated version has been released over the years. There have been minor changes in its features, makeup, and specifications.

Sole f80 is the updated version of Sole f63. The shortcomings of Sole f63 have been compensated for in sole f80. As a word of truth, there are no big differences between the both. With sole f80, you get a slightly larger screen, a larger running area, and more.

Sole f63 and Sole f80 are reliable, sturdy, and well-equipped treadmills. If you have narrowed down the choices and want to pick between Sole f80 vs. Sole f63, read our comparison to find out the difference, and pick one for yourself.

Sole f63 Key Features

⧫ Powerful Engine 
⧫ Ultra Quiet motor
⧫ Interactive LCD Display
⧫ 15 percent Incline
⧫ High-Speed Maximum
⧫ Sturdy steel Build
⧫ Beginner and user friendly

Sole f80 Key Features

⧫ Powerful Engine 
⧫ Ultra Quiet motor
⧫ Interactive LCD Display
⧫ 15 percent Incline
⧫ High-Speed Maximum
⧫ Sturdy steel Build
⧫ Beginner and user friendly


Features of Sole f63 Treadmill

➤ Sole F63 Treadmill features a 3.0 CHP Engine Motor with a top speed of 19 Km/h
➤ Sole F63 treadmill has UltraQuiet technology that keeps the motor running quietly and gives you a noiseless workout experience
➤ Sole f63 Treadmill has an Incline of 15 %, which makes the deck elevate and makes the exercises more challenging, and more fat loss occurs
➤ Sole F63 Treadmill uses Cushion Flex Whisper deck technology to reduce the impact on your joints by up to 40 %

Features of Sole F80 Treadmill

➤ Sole F80 Treadmill features a powerful 3.5 CHP Engine Motor with a top Speed of 19 km/h
➤ Sole f80 treadmill motor is Noiseless with UltraQuiet Technology.|
➤ Features an incline of up to 15 % to make your exercises more challenging
➤ Sole F80 deck is cushioned with Cushion Flex Whisper deck technology, which reduces impact force by up to 40 %


The only modification in the Sole f80 treadmill is its 3.5 CHP Engine Motor. While in the Sole f63 Treadmill, the engine capacity is 3.0 CHP.

Build and make up of Sole f63

  • The dimension of Sole f63 is as follows; 80 Inches in length, 33 Inches in Width, and 60 Inches in Height
  • F63 belt is 2-ply made of high-quality material
  • Features a cooling fan to blow air while working out
  • The deck of Sole f63 is 33 Inches wide
  • Tablet Holder in the Console to put your phone while working out.
  • Two Bottle Holder to keep your water or milkshake bottle while running.
  • Sole f63 has a foldable design, so you can fold it after a workout and plank it to a wall or your bedroom to save space
  • Sole f63 has built-in Transportation wheels, which makes it mobile and easy to handle

Build and Makeup of Sole f80

  • The dimensions of Sole f80 are 80 Inches in length, 35 Inches in width, and 58 Inches in height.
  • The deck width of Sole f80 is 35 Inches.
  • The sole f80 belt is 2-ply
  • The Sole F80 has a cooling fan
  • Sole F80 has a bottle holder to keep your shakes while working out
  • The f80 treadmill also has a Tab holder to keep your mobile phone or Tab while running
  • The sole f80 Treadmill can be folded after every workout through the Fold assist design
  • Sole f80 has built-in Transportation wheels for mobility


The sole f80 has a 2 inches wider deck than the Sole f63 Treadmill. The two treadmills do not differ considerably in their build, except Sole F80 has a two inches larger deck width.

Sole F63 Digital Monitoring

  • Sole F63 features a 6.5 LCD Screen.
  • Sole F63 features built-in Speakers to listen to music from your smartphone.
  • Sole f63 has a Grip-on pulse Monitor to track your heart rate.
  • Sole F63 has built-in sensors to track calories burned and display the stats on the screen.
  • F63 also tracks your covered distance and pace.

Sole f80 Digital Monitoring

  • Sole F80 has an LCD screen of 7.5 Inches
  • The Treadmill has built-in speakers to listen to music while working out
  • The sole f80 treadmill features two heart rate trackers. One through Chest-strap and another through Grip-on Pulse.
  • Sole F80 built-in sensors also track your calories burned during workouts.
  • Sole F80 tracks your distance covered and Pace.


  • The two treadmills slightly differ in their digital Monitoring ability. The Sole F80 has a 1 Inch Larger screen(7.5) than Sole F63(6.5).
  • The Sole f80 Treadmill also features two heart rate trackers; one on the 
  • Grip handles and another through chest straps (included in the item box). While Sole f63 has one Heart rate tracker, only on the Grip handles.


Sole F63 Treadmill

Sole F63 has Bluetooth Connectivity. It also features Built-in speakers to listen to music while working out.

Sole F80 Treadmill

Sole F80 has Bluetooth Connectivity and built-in speakers for music and audio.


Both Sole f63 and Sole F80 are compatible with Bluetooth connectivity through Android and IOS, and both feature built-in speakers to listen to music.


The winner is the Sole f63 Treadmill. 

The Sole f80, with a huge price gap, does not offer enough features except 2 Inches wider deck, 1 Inch larger screen, and a 0.5 CHP higher Engine motor. If you are okay with the Inch less small screen of Sole f63 and a 2 Inches wider deck of sole f63 than Sole f80, You should pick the Sole F63. Sole f80 has quite a higher price range with insufficient features upgradation, making it less likely to be called an update. Both the Treadmills operate best and more or less perform equally.


Suppose you have narrowed your choice and are about to pick between Sole f63 and Sole f80. Sole F63 is the best pick among both; it is priced lower than Sole F80 and works and performs almost the same as Sole F63.