Top 5: Best Fitness Tracker for Dog

Fitness activity monitors are used to track physical activities and help you achieve a fit body. Trackers from brands like Fitbit and Apple have been proved to be productive and useful, which has helped health enthusiasts around the globe in tracking their physical activities and living a healthier life. In the modern world, Pets have been domesticated and cared for more than ever and humans always cherished their company. Pet technology and digital gadgets for pets have evolved and  the bonding has been stronger than ever. This article lists best activity tracker for dog and helps you choose the one that’s the best.

Fitness Trackers and Dogs

Fitness trackers for dogs monitor their health and fitness activities. It keeps track of your dog’s activities like walking, running, and sleeping. Moreover, it also monitors heart rate and location etc. It also tracks wellness and disease symptoms for your dog and keeps you informed about your dog’s overall health at best. Whether you are new to fitness trackers or have prior experience with them, you may be unsure about what’s the best fitness tracker for your dog based on your needs and the trackers’ performance. Our team has thoroughly researched and brought forth the best option available for your dog, based on user experience and reviews. 

Our team has analysed the best fitness trackers available in the market with the most advanced functionality and user satisfaction. They are reviewed and listed below in order. 

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Here is Our Winner

Fitbark 2 Dog Fitness Tracker


  • Physical Monitoring of your dog, including sleep tracking, distance covered, physical activity, moods and behaviour throughout the day
  • keeps track of your dog’s wellness and informs you of disease symptom through fluctuation in FitBark health index and sleepscore


  • Exceptional Battery life of up to 6 months ensures non-stop dog monitoring
  • Full waterproof ability makes it useful all the time and makes your dog safe and monitored all the time.
  • Compatible with Android 6+ and IOS 12+

What is a Dog Fitness Tracker and How Does it Work?

A dog fitness tracker is a digital device worn by dogs which tracks their physical activity and overall health. They are built in the same manner as fitness trackers for human. Dog fitness trackers are commonly known as pet trackers, with a wide variety of functionality and diverse brands available across the market, each offering unique specifications and services for your pet’s physical wellbeing. They have in built sensors which help you determine your dog’s physiological condition and inform you of your dog’s well being. Different models have different functions and specifications, including;

  • Activity Tracking
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Dog Location (GPS Trackers)
  • Tracking well being
  • Recording heartbeat
  • Mood and Behaviour
  • Tracking workout, walking, running, distance travelled, sedentary position

What are the benefits of having a Dog Fitness Tracker for your Dog?

A dog is a lovely companion and a real friend. Having a fitness tracker for your dog can maximise its well being and overall health. A fitness tracker for your dog can also save you a ton of time worrying about your dog’s health condition, and can save you guessing what’s wrong with your little Pooch. Fitness trackers can help you make better decisions about your pet’s overall health and can keep you pro-active regarding your pet’s well being. 

In the US alone, two Millions dogs are victims of pet theft each year. Dog Fitness tracker with inbuilt GPS, like Whistle GO Explore Tracker locates your dog and keeps you informed about your pet’s location all the time. Dog fitness trackers make your bonding more deeper with your pet, and keep at your fingertips everything you need to know about your dog. Caring for your pets and keeping them healthy also ensures your own wellbeing.

Reasons to Get a Dog Fitness Tracker

If you are unsure whether or not you should get a dog fitness tracker, here are some reasons to have one for your pet:

Better Health Makes Better pets

It is no wonder that fitness tracker is a wonderful gadget for better physical health. Fitness trackers for humans have revolutionised the fitness industry, making fitness journeys a “DYOR endeavour”. Dogs are social animals and they need better health just like humans. A fitness tracker for your dog can keep your pet healthy and active.

Sleep Tracking by fitness trackers can give you a better idea about your pet’s sleep which in turn can help you rationalise your pet’s condition and necessary steps to be taken in order to have your dog live a fuller life. 

Mobility Tracking helps you know about your dog’s activity. Dogs are social animals, and too much of a sedentary lifestyle can make them anxious and depressed. Knowing your dog’s mobility and physical activity, you get a better understanding of your pet’s health. You can always nudge its tail to run a little distance if your dog sleeps all day along. 

Calorie Tracking keeps you informed of your dog’s calorie consumption and calorie burn. Calorie tracking helps you determine your dog’s overall diet and make you take necessary changes to your dog’s food, also nudging your pet to run more.

Disease Tracking by fitness trackers minimise the risk of catching dangerous diseases and illness by your dog. The sensor goes through changes in the HealthIndex feature included in Fitness trackers. Disease tracking has saved lives of pets through symptomatic tracking, which otherwise had passed unnoticed.

Smartphone Connectivity of dog fitness trackers brings everything to one place about your pet. You are updated on your dog’s mobility right through your mobile phone, you are informed of mood and behaviour changes, you know your dog’s location, you know whether your pup is feeling happy or down. And you have a better understanding about your dog’s physical and mental well being which not only saves plenty of time but also makes you bond more deeply with your pet and understand it better.

Dog Fitness Trackers are Definitely Worth it!

After thorough research across the market, and having questioned pet users, our team has come up with the best fitness trackers available at the market. They are listed below based on their specifications and user satisfaction.

FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor

Rating Scale
Quality: 4.8/5
Pricing: 5.0/5
Performance: 4.7/5
FitBark 2 is the second version of FitBark Activity Monitor. It is updated with the latest function of activity monitoring for your dog. It tops the best choice of pet holders across the world. 

It is our hot pick in the Dog fitness tracker category. The reason for this is simply because of its robust make up, rigid structure and uncontested price for value. It has almost everything that a standard dog fitness tracker requires.

Best Vlaue at Current Price 

Fitbark2 Dog Fitness Tracker is a real deal at this price, because of its wide variety of specifications and functions. 

Overall Physical Tracking

FitBark 2 Dog tracker can track your dog’s physical activity including calorie consumption, distance covered, sleep tracking, disease tracking, mood and behaviour.

Set Ideal Goals

It also sets ideal goals for your dog in comparison to other dogs of the same or different breed, age, height and weight. Which can give you comparative analysis of your dog’s physical position as well as its general lifestyle.


✔️ Include almost all basic features neccessary for your dog’s well being
✔️ Exceptional Battery life upto 6 Months worries away the haughtiness of charging your pet’s tracker
✔️ Waterproof and tough, can fit to any size of pet with a collar upto 1.5 width
✔️ Features Healthindex function makes you aware of early signs of diseases and health condition
✔️ Compatible with Apple Watch, smartphone, FitBit app and Google Fit
✔️ Widely trusted by veterinary schools including University of Cambridge and Mayo Clinic for helping you track your dog’s health


❌ Lacks GPS tracker

Whistle Go Explore Gps Health Fitness Dog Tracker

Rating Scale
Quality: 4.0/5
Pricing: 3.9/5
Performance: 4.9/5
Whistle Go Explore Dog fitness tracker comes to be the second best fitness tracker for dog. It is perhaps the most sophisticated fitness tracker for your dog in the market right now. It’s built around the most advanced features in the pet tracking industry.

Whistle Go Explore Dog fitness tracker keeps track of your dog’s physical activity. It monitors your dog’s physical mobility, sleep tracking and patterns. It also has an inbuilt GPS tracker that helps you locate your dog.

Advance Features

Whistle Go Explore comes with the most latest technology in the Pet trackers industry. It has an in-built flashlight that can help your dog’s mobility in the night. It also features advanced sensors that can track your dog’s physical activity, including scratching its body, and itching. It uses a US AT&T GPS Tracker that can help you locate your pup at any time. With an on demand access to veterinary help through your subscription, you can be sure your dog will get health support at any time.

Physical Tracking

It tracks all physical activities like any high end dog tracker. Sleep measurement, behaviour and mood swings through an inbuilt sensors are some of its features. It can inform you of your dog’s behaviour including licking, itching and scratching its body.


✔️ Advanced features
✔️ Includes GPS Tracking to locate your pet
✔️ Assistance by a veterinary through subscription chat service
✔️ Behaviour tracking of your pet like licking, itching, scratching its body
✔️ Includes all the fitness and physical tracking services provided by other dog fitness trackers
✔️ Proactive alerts, health reports and record of everything that affects your dog health and fitness
✔️ Compatible with every devices and smartphones, also can be synced with Apple watches


❌ Subscription after setup, almost 8-10 $/month
❌ GPS Tracking works only in the US

Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker

Rating Scale
Quality: 4.0/5
Pricing: 4.5/5
Performance: 3.5/5
Third on our list of best fitness trackers for dogs is Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker. This holds the same position among pet owners as the two other ones we mentioned above, comes in a handy package with white collar tht can fit almost any dog. Tractive Waterproof GPS dog tracker helps to locate your pet, thanks to the inbuilt GPS tracker and also helps you determine your dog’s physical health and fitness.

Advanced Features

Tractive Waterproof GPS dog trackers have the most advanced features in contrast to other trackers available at the market. It creates a safe space by “virtual fence” through its GPS tracker and informs you of your pet leaving the fence and arriving back. It helps your pet with physical and fitness needs by keeping track of its calories consumption and burning, also it keeps in check your dog’s lifestyle and sets ideal goals for your dog’s overall health. It is also fully Waterproof and you don’t have to worry of your dog rolling in mud or running in forests.

Physical Tracking

Tractive waterproof Gps Dog Tracker keeps everything on the board. You can connect it to your smartphone and have it there at your fingertips. You can set diet plans for your dog by going through your dog’s calories consumption and calories burning, and make necessary changes in regards to your dog’s food accordingly. It helps you track your dog’s sleep patterns and timings, also it informs you of your dog’s mood and behaviours. It can track all the basic needs that other Dog trackers perform.


✔️ Tracks all the physical activity of your dog’s health and fitness.
✔️ GPS Tracking ability worldwide, unlike Whistle Go Explore Dog Tracker.
✔️ Create safe spaces through its GPS “Virtual Fencing” ability, and inform you when your dog leaves the safe space and upon arriving back.
✔️ Tracks your dog’s calorie consumption and calorie burn
✔️ Track physical activity of your dog 24/7, including walking, running, and sedentary position.
✔️  Avoids misplacement and theft of your dog through its strong security measures


❌ Subscription needed after setup almost $8-$10 /month

PETBIZ G1 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor

Rating Scale
Quality: 4.1/5
Pricing: 4.2/5
Performance: 3.6/5
PETBIZ G1 pet tracker and activity monitor is a sophisticated tracking and activity monitoring device for dogs. It ranks higher than our other mentions in terms of price, but it is worth it. PETBIZ features a 30 days long battery life, which is quite good compared to other GPS trackers that can only last for about a week. It helps you create safe zones for your dog and notifies you of your pup’s escaping the safe zone. It also tracks your dog’s health and monitors its physical activities through inbuilt dog motions algorithm. Higher price range but high end and advanced features.

Advanced Features

Fitness tracker for dog does not always come as a full package, there are advantages and disadvantages of each and every Fitness tracker and activity monitor. PETBIZ GPS Tracker and activity monitor features high end functionality like GPS tracking that help you locate your dog and inform you of its position all the time. It creates safe zones for your pup through its advanced GPS tracking ability and informs you when your dog escapes the safe zone. It also features a long battery life of almost a month, and lets you not worry about charging your device. It monitors your dog’s health and physical activity  including walking, running, and sedentary positions. PETBIZ GPS Tracker and activity monitor also create diet management plans and set ideal fitness goals for your dogs.


  • ✔️ GPS Tracker helps you locate your dog
  • ✔️ Create safe zones and inform you once your dog’s escapes
  • ✔️ Long lasting battery life of one month
  • ✔️  Track your dog’s activity throughout the clock
  • ✔️ Provides you feeding recommendations based on your dog’s current health, breed, weight, height, activity
  • ✔️ Gives you detailed view into your dog’s daily activity through its app and can be shared up-to 10 multiple account at one time


❌ Lacks Heart beat tracker

PitPat Dog Activity and Fitness Monitor (no GPS)

PitPat Dog Activity and Fitness Monitor grabs the fourth position on our list. It is not as popular as the above Dog Fitness Tracker and activity Monitors, but is much better of a dog tracker to have a place in our recommendation list. PitPat Dog Fitness Monitor helps you track your dog’s activity like the above listed Trackers. It manages your pup’s diet and calorie consumption. PitPat informs you of your dog’s physical activity and helps to set ideal fitness goals. You are informed of your dog’s calories burn, distance travelled, and mode of exercise; running, walking, sedentary positions. PitPat Fitness Tracker for dog keeps everything in place and is a reliable dog tracker in terms of fitness tracking and physical health monitoring. 


Pitpat Dog Fitness Tracker and activity monitor is a reliable product and by the virtue of its reliability, it grabs a place in our recommendation list. It performs the basic most and fundamental actions that a dog fitness tracker is built around. It keeps track of your dog’s health and fitness goals, and records the data on easy to use mobile app. It is able to set ideal fitness goals for your dog, and recommend steps and suggestions to further enhance your dog’s overall health and fitness. It tracks your dog’s weight, change in weight, overall eating habits and preferences to help you manage your dog’s weight. It is the most reliable dog fitness tracker across the market with the function it can carry at this price tag.

Ease of Use and Tracking

The only function you should look for in dog fitness trackers, is physical fitness tracking and activity monitoring ability. Physical fitness tracking in dog trackers monitor your dog’s physical fitness including its weight, fitness habits, lifestyle, eating habits and changes in weight. Activity monitor tracks your dog’s activity and gives you a detailed overview in numeric form over the course of 24 hours. It  includes how much your dog has walked, how much run it has taken and how much has your dog been still and sedentary. PitPat Fitness tracker for dogs performs the basic function of dog fitness trackers and activity monitoring at best. It both informs you of your dog’s activity at a given moment, and also tracks your dog’s fitness journey along with other functions that PitPat offers. After reviewing users and their experience our team has included PitPat Fitness Tracker for the sole reason of performing the basic and important job, and also its ease of use.


✔️ Monitors activity and tracks fitness journey of your dog
✔️ No subscription or hidden charges 
✔️ Easy to use mobile app through syncing for your dog’s fitness and activity monitoring
✔️ Easy to use and simple but equipped with necessary functions
✔️ Lightweight, robust and rugged
✔️ Long battery timing of about a year, which can be replaced, so no need to recharge even once
✔️ A good price tag comparatively while fulfilling all the important functions
✔️ Produced with vet’s expert opinion, keeping in mind the needs and expectations of pet owners


❌ Lacks Gps Tracker 


So that’s basically it: a list of best fitness trackers for dog. You need to make sure you get the most out of the fitness tracker for your dog and that your pal is taken care of in every way possible. While there were many similar fitness trackers and some even better in a specific category, Fitbark 2 dog fitness tracker came out as a clear winner.