Livikey Fitness Tracker Review: Is it Worth it?

Fitness trackers can help with measuing a plethora of physical activities. They are a great addition to your fitness journey and provide useful insights into your health and fitness routine. FitBit and Apple changed the course of smart activity trackers through its robust fitness tracking ability. But we also have other best fitness trackers that are trusted by users, reliable in service and easy on the pocket. For example, we reviewed Livikey Fitness Tracker and found it to be a a strong competitor to its rivals.

A Quick Overview

  • Livikey Fitness tracker monitors your health and physical activity.
  • Comes with an inbuilt pedometer to count your steps, walking distance, running and workout.
  • Count your calories consumed and offer insights into weight management.
  • Livikey fitness tracker is IP67 waterproof.
  • Tracks your sleep quality and sleep patterns.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.4+, IOS 7.1+ 

Review of Livikey Fitness Tracker

Livikey fitness tracker monitors your fitness journey. It offers various detections through its sensors. 

Livikey Fitness Tracker Features

Heart Rate Tracking

Heart is the most important organ of the human body. Livikey Fitness Tracker automatically tracks your heart rate in real time. It offers useful insights into your cardiac health through its Heart tracking ability. Livikey’s HR tracker also realigns its beat catching feat according to the workout. You can track your heart’s rhythm automatically and also manually. Users regarded Livikey Fitness Tracker as a basic gadget contrasting other fitness trackers, but its Heart Rate Tracker to be accurate and a feat included in the high end smartwatches. Heart Rate tracking helps you in your physical fitness and also keeps you on the watch for anything unusual.

Sleep Tracking

 Sleep Trackers monitor your sleep quality. Livikey’s sleep tracker monitors your sleep quality by cross examining it with your heartbeat’s pace, which makes its sleep measurements more accurate. It also tracks sleep patterns like deep sleep and awake sleep. It also reminds you to adjust your work and sleep timings and offer better insights and suggestions for a more healthy and sound sleep. A quality sleep heals the mind and helps you recover the body from the wear and tear of workouts. You can manually activate your Livikey fitness tracker to monitor your sleep and set it before your bedtime. Sleep tracker is a bounty in a basic fitness tracker like this.

Multi-sport Modes

Livikey Fitness Tracker has 14 different workout modes. Which tracks your exercise including distance travelled, time taken and more. It offers interval based tracking for speed and sprints. Livikey also counts your steps through its inbuilt pedometer, the more numeric the more accurate. Its multi-sport mode lets you choose from 14 different exercises to activate its tracking. The sport modes include football, basketball, rugby, badminton, swimming, running. Multi sport mode equips tracker with accuracy and precision.

Calorie Tracking 

Calorie tracker monitors your calorie intake and calorie burn. Livikey Fitness tracker helps you manage your calorie intake and calorie burn, and offers insight into your eating habits. Calorie tracking helps you with weight management and achieving a healthy body.

Weight Management  is mandatory while achieving physical fitness or simply staying healthy after your weightloss journey. Livikey Fitness Tracker helps you manage your weight by tracking your eating habits, calories intake, calories burn. It informs you of detailed analysis of your workouts, time spent exercising, time spent idle, suggest you healthy choices, and informs you whether you need another jog through its technical indicators and flowcharts in the app.

Smart notifications

Livikey fitness tracker allows you to get notified of important calls and messages. After syncing it to your mobile phone, it alerts you of notifications, missed calls, notifications from social platforms, text messages. You can also operate your smartphone’s camera from your Livikey’s Fitness Tracker, including activating it. Smart notification also helps you stay off your phone all the time and keeps you informed.

Ease of Use

Livikey Fitness tracker is easy to use and activate. It provides you with data upon connecting it to the VeryFitPro App.The user manual is simple and requires no tech literacy. The tracker has basic features including a high-end sleep tracker and Heart rate monitor but despite that, it is simple to use.

IP67 WaterProof 

Livikey Fitness tracker is Waterproof and can sustain 3 to 4 hours swimming classes and aerobics. With that said, It is also wearable in rainy seasons without a worry.


Livikey Fitness Tracker is compatible with bluetooth 4.0 and onwards, while Android 4.4 and onward, IOS 7.1 and onward.

Durable Battery Life

Livikey fitness Tracker has a 7 day battery life while working. And features an easy to use charging mode.


Livikey Fitness tracker features a pedometer to count steps beside tracking exercises. Livikey’s Pedometer can also count steps while jogging, running, sprinting. A pedometer is only designed to count steps. Pedometer as an additional feature in Fitness Trackers helps the trackers with more accuracy and precision.

Structure and Makeup

  • Produced with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
  • Screen size 0.07 Inches
  • Colors- Black, Pink, Purple, Deep Blue


✔️ Heart Tracker (HR)
✔️ IP67 Waterproof
✔️ Sleep monitor
✔️ Calorie Counter
✔️ Pedometer
✔️ Long Battery Life
✔️  Cheap
✔️ Easy to use manual
✔️ Excellent Customer support
✔️ Rigid


❌  Lacks GPS Tracker

Is Livikey Activity Tracker Worth It?

Yes! Livikey Fitness Tracker is absolutely worth every penny at this price. It performs the basic tracking flawlessly and has a sleep and heart rate tracker. Fitness brands are always considerate in calculating their price to what they offer. Livikey’s sleep monitor and heart rate tracker has been admired by users and are excited about its inclusion in this basic version. It is also the best fitness tracker at this price and such functions.

Livikey Fitness Tracker Alternatives

So now that some basics about Livikey fitness tracker has been covered, we would like to look at some alternatives and see if there’s a better fitness tracker that you can get instead of Livikey.

Amazfit Band 5 Activity Fitness Tracker

Amazfit band 5 from Amazfit is a versatile fitness tracker for sportsmen and casual gym goers. Some of its key selling points are its built-in Alexa, 15-day batter life, blood oxygen measuring ability, sleep monitoring, women’s health tracking, and music control.

The tracker boasts 11 different sports modes and can resist up to 5 ATM pressure, which is about 50 meters under water. With an HD color display, and stress and breathing tracking, Amazfit band 5 is an ideal alternative to Livikey fitness tracker.

✔️ Heart Rate Tracker
✔️ Sleep tracker
✔️ Pedometer
✔️ Alexa Built in
✔️ Smart Notifications
✔️ Activity Tracking
✔️ Water Resistant

❌ Advance features for some users

Frequently Asked Questions About Livikey Fitness Tracker

Does it need subscription after setup?

No. The device has no hidden charges and is completely dependent on an internet connection and a smartphone.

Does it have a GPS Tracker?

Livikey fitness tracker does not feature GPS tracker as it uses your phone’s built-in tracker.

How long does it take to charge?

Livikey fitness tracker can be charged in 2-3 hours. One full battery charge can last up to 1 week of constant usage.

Can it be paired with an apple watch app?

No! It can only be paired to the VeryFitPro App.


So there you have it: a thorough review of Livikey fitness tracker. After our research and looking up different brands that are similar, we found Livikey fitness tracker to be the best in the market at this current price. Also, it offers much more and has accurate tracking abilities. Check it out and let us know what you think.