Letscom Fitness Tracker HR Review: Is It Worth It?

Humans are designed to move. That’s why our ancestors used to walk a lot. As a result, they remained healthy, had fewer heart and brain problems, and lived long. Today, it’s not the case anymore because we’re not walking or exercising enough. An average US adult walks only 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day – far less than the 10,000 daily steps recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

While the objective of becoming fit and active entirely depends on you, a little help from a fitness tracker can motivate you to get moving and hit the target. I wish I knew about Letscom Fitness Tracker two years ago when I started my fitness journey. It could have helped me with my morning sprints, evening training, and daily steps I took to activate my weak glutes. Anyways, I’m glad I’ve finally found it. Whether you’re a newbie or pro, Letscom fitness tracker HR review will enable you to decide if you really need it.

Letscom Fitness Tracker HR

Quality: 4.4/5
Pricing: 4.3/5
Rating: 4.6/5

Looking to make your daily fitness goals come true? Get Letscom Fitness Tracker HR. Not only is it easy on the wallet, but it is also an excellent choice for beginners and pro trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike. With 14 different exercise modes to choose from, you have the freedom to track almost everything you do daily.

Letscom Fitness Tracker features a smart and sleek design. The display is large and bright for you to see what’s on the screen. Smart notifications, battery life of up to seven days on a single charge, and accurate activity tracking feature kickstart your fitness journey right from day one. People who tried Letscom Fitness Tracker had better sleep tracking, daily step counting, and exercise activity monitoring. They also appreciated the tracker for its long battery life and versatile features.

Ease and comfort – Pair it with your android or iOS device without a problem. Plus, setting 14 different exercise modes with just a few touches makes the tracker simple to use.

Smart Notifications – With the Letscom tracker on your wrist, you won’t miss urgent calls, texts, and tweets.

Powerful battery – Seven days battery life on a single charge makes it an excellent choice for runners, hikers, bikers, and travelers.

✔️ Large and clear display
✔️ Extended battery life
✔️ Personalized fitness tracking

❌ Not swim-proof

Letscom Fitness Tracker HR Review

The above overview should help you decide whether to give it a try or not. If you’re still on the fence and need deeper dive, let’s dig in.
Letscom Fitness Tracker HR is a budget friendly smart activity tracker for walking, running, gym workout, exercise, hiking, yoga, and sports activities. Connect it with your android or iOS phone using bluetooth connectivity and start tracking. Whether you’ve never tracked your activity before or are doing it manually, Letscom fitness tracker will help you get closer to your goals efficiently.

What Will You Get?

Letscom brand stands out when it comes to affordable fitness trackers with useful features for a more active and healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking for something along these lines, chances are, you’ll like the tracker. But let’s go through its different features and functions.

  • Tracker with 0.96” OLED screen display for less power consumption
  • The upper case is made of PC material for toughness and durability
  • Straps made of TPU for its elastic and abrasion-resistant features
  • Up to 7-day battery life on a single charge
  • The tracker is light and only weighs 0.84 oz
  • A USB cable for easy charging
  • Charging takes just 1-2 hours
  • Bluetooth connectivity version 4.0 or later for smart pairing
  • Wrist dimensions between 5.4 to 7.6 inches for a customize wrist fit
  • Powerful silicon heart rate sensor
  • Bluetooth pairing works within a 10-meter distance
  • Remote camera shooting ability
  • SMS, call, social media, alarm, and inactivity alert through smart notification
  • 14 different exercise modes to track almost everything you do
  • 24-hour activity tracking for accurate data
  • Compatible with both iOS 7.1 and Android 4.4 or above
  • Resist water with IP67 water resistant feature

In short, this can be a deal-breaker for someone who wants all the premium features in a smartwatch.

Fitness Tracking Accuracy

While looking for the best fitness activity tracking device, most users look for their monitoring accuracy. And that’s something every trainer, runner, or sports enthusiast should take into account besides many other features. Letscom Fitness tracker has got some smart tracking technology that makes it a better activity tracking device. For example, the step counter monitors your daily steps with precision and accuracy. Even the smart notification feature alerts you whether you’ve reached your daily steps goal. There may be a little inaccuracy in heart rate monitoring, as some users reported problems with their data. But overall, the tracking is reasonably accurate and couldn’t be disregarded entirely as inaccurate. The tracker has 14 different activities modes. So if you’re looking to track a specific activity type, just drag it over to the display area for easy access. One cool feature of Letscom fitness tracker is its GPS connectivity. By enabling it on your phone and connecting it with the tracker, you’ll get to record pace, distance covered, and workout route.

Some of the main activities you can track are:

  • Soccer play
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Badminton
  • Yoga
  • Basketball
  • Gym workouts
  • Climbing

How Long Does the Battery Last?

The Lithium-ion battery type used in the tracker can be recharged. With a capacity of 65mAh, Letscom fitness tracker stays longer on a single charge. With just 1 – 2 hour charging time, the tracker can go as long as a full week without the need for another round of charging. This is comparatively a better battery time for an activity tracker with a lot of features. The ease with which it’s charged is unmatched. You can simply use a USB charger and start powering your fitness beast.

Athletes, marathon runners, hikers, solo travelers, climbers, and cyclists who may not have access to a charging port can benefit from its long battery life. A week without the need for charging your fitness tracker is pretty solid, especially for the daring and adventurous ones.

Is it Compatible with My Phone?

Buying a fitness tracker that doesn’t work with your phone type can be embarrassing. And that’s what you want to avoid. Letscom fitness tracker is compatible with both Android and iOS. The versions are:

  1. Android 4.4 or above
  2. iOS 7.1 or above

Is your phone based on one of the operating systems above? If yes, you’re good to go with Letscom fitness tracker. If you don’t know about your phone operating system, just check your phone’s system settings. Alternatively, the user manual should give you all the details about your phone, including the version of its operating system.

When it comes to connectivity, Letscom fitness tracker has bluetooth connectivity for pairing with your compatible device within a distance of 10 meters. Customers who bought the tracker lauded it for its smooth and easy pairing features.

Comfort and Ease

First, the tracker is carefully designed to give you a better experience while you continue your fitness journey. Second, the features are easy to navigate through by reading the user’s manual. Most fitness trackers may have problems in these two areas: They are either clunky and look old-fashioned or have complicated features that don’t cut right.

Letscom fitness tracker is much better because of its sleek and stylish design. You can easily disconnect and reconnect the charging body without a hassle. While a few people complained about some irritation after using continuously, most said they never had any problem with the tracker.

With a clear and bright inner display, the tracker makes it easy for you to read and change settings, alerts, and notifications. The battery icon remains on the screen so you can keep track of its charging level.

Overall, Letscom fitness tracker is comfortable and easy to use.

Benefits of Using Letscom Fitness Tracker

Along with all these features, the tracker should actually help you with your fitness goals. Whether it’s to lose weight, walk 10,000 steps a day, or become active and fit. Below are a few benefits of using Letscom fitness tracker.

Beat laziness – It tracks your daily activities all the time, so you are pushed closer toward your fitness goals. And if you’re lazy and not doing any work, the fitness tracker will notify you via its vibration alert to move.

Sleep better – Tracking your sleep might be a good idea to understand how long have you been sleeping and whether you need to sleep more. You’ll be able to manage your sleep and become active and mentally sharp.

Become active and fit – With more than a dozen different activity modes, the tracker makes your fitness goals come true.

Become productive – You can quickly view and respond to any important calls, texts, and messages and ignore the less important ones without whipping out your phone.


As already stated, it’s one of the budget friendly fitness trackers on the market. And if you factor in the features, it’s obvious that Letscom offers real value. Compared to other big names like Fitbit, for example, Letscom fitness tracker is a versatile and affordable activity tracker.

How Does it Compare?

Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness Tracker comes with some pro features that make it a better choice for a more advanced fitness and sports enthusiasts. It has three different color options to choose from. Using bluetooth wireless technology, you can connect Fitbit Inspire HR tracker with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Also, it can be safely used for swimming and can resist water up to 50 meters depth.

There are 15+ target based exercise modes for tracking your daily activities. Plus, its accurate heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and step counting features give Fitbit Inspire HR tracker an extra edge.

But these all come at a price that not everyone would be ready to pay. Customers who bought it said it was user friendly. However, many other buyers said it stopped working for them after some time. It may be some manufacturing defect. But that’s still too early to tell, as the brand has been around for quite a while now.

Should you Buy Letscom Fitness Tracker HR?

Letscom is rolling out new fitness trackers every year. This one is their latest version that has a sleek and stylish design with some great features. Whether you’re tracking your daily steps, committed to losing weight, monitoring your heart rate, or pushing your fitness to the next level, this little wrist band will keep you on the track. I’ll recommend it since it’s comparatively less expensive and has more than enough features.

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