Kate spade Fitness Tracker Review

Kate spade fitness tracker monitors your activities, daily routines and fitness goals. The device’s make up is minimal, and helps you in activity monitoring throughout the day. It is an ideal fitness tracker for people wanting to wear a basic activity monitor that does not fall short of doing its work. Let’s review kate spade fitness tracker and its different features to see if it’s worth buying.

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Key features

➤ Tracks your activity all day
➤ Monitors your sleep
➤ Count your steps 
➤ Give you light notification
➤ Control your music and camera from the tracker
➤ Set you fitness Goals

Review of Kate Spade Fitness Tracker

Who should buy it?

Since it only counts steps, distance travelled and calories burned, hence it may not be an ideal choice for everyone. Kate Spade offers basic functions and has no touch screen.

Kate Spade fitness tracker works best for people who are always on the go, and do not want to delve deep into their fitness routine and are not really interested in detailed tech-based physical monitoring. 

What do you get?

You get non stop tracking throughout the day. The device does not let you access your tracking at any given time due to the absence of the screen, but allows you to walk, run, exercise, and let you access your tracking details later in the app. 


Kate spade fitness tracker is a lightweight activity monitor that is wearable around the wrist. It is a basic fitness tracker that helps you in setting yourself ideal goals, track your mobility and alert you of notifications. 

Kate Spade is able to track your sleep directly from its sleep tracker, including light sleep and deep sleep, helping you achieve quality sleep.

It monitors your physical activities as much as counting your steps, the distance you have travelled, and calories burnt. Kate spade fitness tracker does not have a touch screen, and the data could only be displayed on the Kate spade New York connected App, however, the tracking works while unconnected to the app and once connected the data is uploaded.

It is ideal for people with low tech-literacy, who look for a minimalist functioning tracker that can track their steps, measure distance travelled, monitor sleep and alerts to awake them.


Kate Spade fitness tracker has limited features but is cleverly designed for a specific audience. It has a builtin sleep tracker that monitors your sleep activity, and is able to distinguish between deep sleep and light sleep

The sleep tracker is designed to help you achieve quality sleep and influence your overall physical fitness. In other fitness monitors, sleep trackers also cross examine your sleep with your performance, but kate space being a basic version might not help with other factors that relate your sleep cycle than alone and alone your sleep quality.

It features a Pedometer that counts your steps. Pedometer can be detrimental in achieving your fitness goals, and keeps in check your mobility. Kate Spade Fitness Tracker also can measure your distance travelled, and hence keeps your physical health in check.

It also features a calorie counter, that can track your calories burned during walking, running or exercise, and allow you to make necessary changes to your diet based on your goals. A calorie counter also helps you with weight management and makes sure you are getting proper nutrition while having high energy for your workouts.

Kate Spade Fitness Tracker notifies you of goal achievements that you can set prior going on a workout streak, and displays celebratory notification on completing workout tasks. It also features a camera control that helps you take photos right from your smartphone.


Material – metal
Weightage – 5 Grams
Colors – Black


✔️ Ideal for people with low-tech literacy
✔️ Ideal for female use
✔️ Easy Setup and use 
✔️ Beautiful design and a more of a fashion accessory as much as a strapped fitness tracker
✔️ Performs basic fitness tracking
✔️ Features a pedometer
✔️ Features a sleep Tracker
✔️ Features a Calorie Counter
✔️ Does not need a Recharge


❌  The device has no Screen. And the data can be only accessed through the app synced to the smartphone
❌  Limited features
❌  Kate Spade’s calorie Tracker may have problems with accurate calorie measurement.

Our Verdict

If you are somebody who does not want to invest in a full fledged fitness tracker, or have no prior experience with trackers at all, this is a good one to start from.

It can count your steps, the distance you travel all day, and along with that it offers some alerts through the app, and a camera controller. The makeup of the device and its jewel style makes it ideal for women to wear, but anyone who finds it useful based on what it offers can use it.

The price for value is good, the device is lightweight and comfortable plus fashionable. If you are extremely busy even operating a fitness tracker, this is a best pick and a unique one.


ZURURU Fitness Tracker

In the same price category, ZURURU fitness tracker is an alternative to Kate spade Fitness tracker. ZURURU offers more advanced features than Kate Spade and is a better pick, if you don’t find Kate Spade as the one you should be getting.


➢ Heart Rate Monitor
➢ Sleep Tracker
➢Activity Monitor 24/7
➢Calorie Tracker
➢Digital tracking
➢Smart Notification
➢7 day battery life

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the tracker display the data?

You will be able access your fitness tracking and activity monitoring date in the Kate Spade New York Connected app. The app is available at all digital platforms.

Does Kate Spade fitness tracker really have no screen?

Yes! Kate spade fitness tracker has no no screen on the strap anywhere. The sensor monitors your activity and allows you to access that information through the app.

How accurate is Kate spade?

Kate Spade is almost accurate at best. Although Some users complained about accuracy problems in the calorie counter.

Can Kate spade track activity without being connected to the phone?

Yes! Kate Spade does not depend on phone connectivity for tracking. It tracks your activity throughout the day, and the phone connectivity is required only to access your tracking data. Remember! Kate Spade only lacks a touch screen in the strap, not tracking sensors.