Worth Buying: Ivy Fitness Tracker Review.

The digital activity tracker industry has a very limited number of fitness trackers that are custom made for women. While fitness trackers work for both men and women, since they are designed to monitor your physical activities and daily routines, there are still a few loved by females.

Ivy Fitness Tracker is one such tracker from Bellabeat, a wellness company that creates fashionable fitness trackers designed and engineered for women. They describe their products as “created for women by women”. With that being said, we can say that fitness trackers such as Ivy fitness tracker can be a better choice keeping in mind the company and their target audience.

Ivy fitness tracker features a non-display screen, which looks like a cute jewel stone and can function as any other fitness tracker. It monitors your daily physical activities and helps you understand your health and wellness as a woman.

We researched and questioned fitness tracker users across the digital platforms and found Ivy Fitness tracker to be the best activity tracker for women.

Our research team received positive reviews about Ivy tracker for its beautiful design, jewellery feature, luxurious bracelet style, and accurate fitness tracking.

Ivy Fitness Tracker Review

Below is a detailed review of Ivy fitness tracker’s features, use and specifications.


Ivy fitness trackers have advanced features for tracking your physical fitness and monitoring your daily routines.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Ivy Fitness Tracker racks your pulse and helps you understand your cardiac health. It is equipped with a heart rate sensor that can track your heart rate during workouts and is able to sense your beat in a resting position, which is also called resting heart rate

Resting heart rate is the measurement of your beat in a normal position when you are not physically active. Resting heart rate can indicate the status of your cardiac health. If it’s lower during rest, it means you have a healthier heart. 

The tracker also syncs your heart rate measurement with your sleep activity, thus giving you an accurate overview of how well or how poor your sleep was.

Sleep Tracking

Ivy tracker also monitors your sleep and gives you information that you can use to improve your night rest. You don’t need to worry about a monotonous sleep tracking, as the tracker can differentiate between different sleep stages.

It tracks deep sleep, which is an indication of a cozy, calm stage of sleep. It can also track awake sleep which includes phases of light sleep and awake position. So without your input, it will record thsoe times you woke up from your slumber to drink a glass of water or attend toilet.

Ivy fitness tracker’s sleep tracker received positive reviews and were found to be accurate, well functioning and flawless.

Menstrual Care 

Ivy tracker is designed for women to cater to their bodies’ natural states. For example, it features a Period Tracker, which keeps track of your menstrual cycle from the past. These patterns ensure your different phases of reproductive health stay in check and enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing.

It also creates an individual algorithm for your menstrual occurrence so you’re ready every time these stages come through again.

Cardiac Coherence

The tracker helps you calm down by giving you feedback on your moment-to-moment heart rate variability, which is called Cardiac Coherence. It occurs when you breathe between your heart beats, thus achieving a state of coherence in your psychophysical state.

Ivy fitness tracker features a respiratory rate sensor, which measures breathing and correlates that with your heart rate, thus giving you date on when you have reached cardiac coherence.

For example, If your heart rate is 50 BPM (beats per minutes), and your respiratory rate is also 50 breaths per minute, you have a state of cardiac coherence. Also if your heart rate is 50 and your respiratory rate is 25, it is a cardiac coherent state, given that you have breathed twice between each heartbeat.  These wonderful features from Ivy can help women calm down and imrpove on their state of mind during yoga and meditation.

Fitness Tracking

Other tracking features from Ivy fitness tracker include steps monitoring, distance covered over a certain period of time, and any inactivity in between your movement.

It can measure many basic physical activities like other fitness trackers. For example, It tracks your calories burned during workouts and helps you plan your diet and food intake. Calorie tracking maximises your wellness and helps you with weight management. 

Ivy Fitness tracker also features hydration tracking, which tracks your water intake and later saves that data into the app. You can also set hydration scales, where it reminds you of drinking water to reach your daily mark. 


Ivy fitness tracker is equipped with up to date fitness tracking and activity monitoring ability. Ivy tracker automatically tracks your walking and steps taken throughout the day, It tracks your physical mobility and sedentary positions. Tracking your routine throughout the day, ivy fitness tracker is able to understand your lifestyle and adopt its monitoring ability according to your physical activities.

Bellabeat claims the device to be made for women due to its ability of taking care of women’s reproductive health. The device tracks women’s menstrual cycles, understands its recurring phases, offers wonderful insights into women’s reproductive health, and the influence it leaves on their overall health.

Ivy activity monitor helps you achieve quality sleep, it also records phases of your sleep including deep sleep and light sleep. It also tracks your heart rate. Sleep quality and the data from heart rate monitoring are integrated and cross examined with your reproductive health, and you are provided with insights on how these factors affect your menstrual cycles, as well as changes in your mood and symptoms. 

Ivy tracks physical fitness and monitors daily routine in a manner that is in synchronicity with how women’s bodies function. The device does not perform solo tracking and display the information as it is, rather all activities are monitored considering women’s health and the natural obligation of their bodies.

Ivy fitness tracker monitors your stress levels, and watches your sleep quality, your heart rate, your exercise and mobility, then tally this date with your overall health, and gives insights on how various factors affect your reproductive health, and pinpoints the fault lines or activities that need improvements.

Ivy manages your data, by wearing the device for a period of thirty days, it integrates “women metrics” and creates an individual algorithm, a unique baseline that helps you to live by your cycle. All this data is provided to the Bellabeatapp on your smartphone where you can read an easy to understand statistical analysis in a virtual language.


➢ Ivy is a no display fitness Tracker that shows the tracking info on the BellaBeatapp in your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity.
➢ Ivy Fitness tracker features a 0.96 inches screen size.
➢ The no display Sensor Screen cum jewel stone is available in 5 colours. Rose Gold, Gray/white, Silver, Black/white, based on your liking.
➢ Once connected to the App through bluetooth, it automatically syncs to your smartphone afterwards.
➢ A rechargeable 1 Lithium ION battery through the charger included in the item package.
➢ The device can be connected with the Ivy fitness Tracker’s Bellabeatapp, available across digital platforms.


✔️ Long Battery life up-to 8 days.
✔️ Heart Rate Tracker (HR)
✔️ Sleep Tracker
✔️ Step Counter
✔️ Calorie Counter
✔️ Respiratory Rate Tracker
✔️ Period Tracker
✔️ Useful Reminders
✔️ Integrative data analysis
✔️ Cardiac Coherence
✔️ Reliable and Accurate


❌ Expensive than others available in the market
❌ May not be an ideal choice for extreme workouts

Our Verdict

Ivy fitness tracker has a beautiful makeup and the device is designed for a specific set of use. The functions and features may also benefit women in their activity monitoring, since it’s ideal for women. 

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that can track your workouts in the most accurate manner, perform tracking for extreme workouts with advanced functionality, then this may not be an ideal choice for you.

Also, if you are looking for a beautiful fitness tracker with diverted features from traditional fitness trackers with an elegant design you can wear anytime, this could be your best pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Ivy tracker be connected to Fitbit app?

No. The device can only retrieve data to the Bellabeatapp. It can be connected easily through Bluetooth.

Is Ivy fitness Tracker waterproof?

Ivy Fitness tracker has an IP68 water Resistance. You can wear it in the shower but complete submersion is not recommended.

What is weightage of the Ivy tracker?

The device looks quite bulky made of stainless steel, but is comfortable in wear and leaves no marks on your wrists.


So there you have it: a review on Ivy fitness tracker made by Bellabeat. Ivy fitness and activity monitor is best for women tracking their fitness and health. It can help you with your fitness goals, health and wellness. At the same time taking care of your body’s natural states. If you’re looking to check it out click here.