FIT VII Slim Fitness Tracker Review

Fitness Tracker monitors your daily activities and holds you accountable in your fitness journey. They are digital gadgets that fuel your fitness life with a variation of features to track your physical fitness and healthy routine. They use built in sensors to measure your physical state. They interpret the data to give you useful suggestions, advise and notify you of alert situations that can potentially enhance your performance and overall health. Fitness trackers have been vital in keeping you productive and fit. We reviewed FITVII Slim Fitness Tracker and found it reliable, budget friendly and equipped with well to do features. The fitness tracker is designed to monitor the wearer’s routine and activities. It has a menstrual period reminder, which helps women to track their body needs, and care for them to achieve a healthy lifestyle. FIT VII Slim Fitness Tracker can perform all the basic functions of a fitness tracker, and comes with additional features that enhance its overall experience.

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Do you need a fitness tracker?

Fitness trackers are digital gadgets that track your physical activities and monitor your daily routine. Physical exertion in the immobile 21st century is vital for a healthy body and calm mind. Trackers help you achieve your fitness goals orderly, efficiently, timely and precisely. We calibrate everything we do by setting a target, a set of ideals and a judge. Fitness trackers calibrate your physical achievements, set doable targets, and judge your overall performance. They make you suggestions, changes and improvements to further activate your potential in your fitness endeavour. Whether you’re a working guy, a retiree, or a fitness enthusiast, fitness trackers can help you better understand your physical state and make the journey exciting. 

What to look for in a fitness Tracker?

Fitness trackers have sets of different features and functionality catering diverse needs and user expectations. The basic function of a fitness tracker is to track your fitness, and monitor your activity. If you are new to fitness trackers and are unsure what you need to look for in fitness trackers, below is a rundown list of basic features that you need to look for in fitness trackers.

Pedometer is an electromechanical sensor that counts your steps, while walking, running or jogging. It is a basic feature that is included in almost all fitness trackers, but even good fitness trackers lack it sometimes. Pedometer makes tracking your workouts more accurately, such as tracking covered distance, speed and time. It also improves the precision of the tracker’s statistical data. You should get trackers that mention pedometer in its included features. 

Heart Rate Monitor tracks your heartbeat. Fitness trackers have built in heart rate monitors that track your heart rate during exercise and workouts. They use this data to provide you information and suggestions in your workouts, and on the basis of your pulse monitor your overall health through other sensors. Heart rate monitors are essential to fitness trackers, which helps to improve their tracking ability and also for the users to better understand their body state. Most of their fitness trackers have inbuilt heart rate monitors, but not all. You should definitely check for heart rate monitors while getting one.

Calorie Counter tracks your calories. They measure your calorie intake and calorie burn during workouts. Calories Counter improves fitness trackers functionality and helps you with weight management. It is useful for people who aim at achieving a leaner body or for gym goers in their bulking and cutting phases. A calorie counter manages your food intake and dietary routines, thus making you disciplined in your fitness routines. Not all fitness trackers have a Calorie counter. If you think you can do without a calorie counter then do look for Pedometer and Heart rate Monitor. They are a must, and without them a fitness tracker is not worth much, better you get a simple electronic pedometer then.

Review of FIT VII Slim Fitness Tracker

Fit VII Slim Fitness Tracker is a fitness tracker and activity monitor by FITVII Brand. It is a Fitness tracker in the basic category but has features that work well for anybody to monitor their daily activities and workouts


FIT VII fitness tracker monitors your heart rate throughout the clock. Its heart monitoring ability along with other functions makes it a diverse and well to do fitness tracker in the basic category. Heart rate monitoring allows you to take care of your diet, make necessary changes to your exercise and tailor your sleep patterns for a well functioning healthy heart.

It also measures your calorie consumption, keeping you on the watch to avoid overeating or under-nutritioning your body. Being aware of calorie consumption helps you make healthy choices which can greatly maximise your workout potential. It also tracks your sleep to ensure; you dream well. A sound sleep is non-negotiable  for a healthy body. Monitoring your sleep quality can improve your overall health and help you in your fitness journey. It also tracks your daily activity including calorie consumption, exercise, distance covered, automatically measures the data, and at the same time records them for you to view later.

It gives you smart notifications across digital platforms including whatsapp, twitter, facebook messenger. It also sets reminders to help you stay on track.


Fit VII slim fitness tracker features a built-in oximeter sensor that tracks the amount of oxygen in your blood. It keeps you aware of your respiratory and cardiac health. FitVII slim fitness tracker features a sleep tracker to monitor your sleep. Fit VII sleep tracker records your time spent in light, your time spent in dark and during sleep tracks different phases of your sleep including deep sleep and awake sleep to better understand your sleep quality each night. Fit VII slim fitness tracker features sedentary and water drinking reminders to ensure you never miss out on important activities. It features a multi sport mode which helps you track your workout more accurately by letting you choose the type of workout you perform. It has another distinct feature for women, female menstrual period reminder, which let them keep up with their body’s natural changes and helps them take better care of themselves. Along with all other features, the female menstrual period reminder makes it an ideal fitness tracker for women. It has an inbuilt Pedometer to count your steps and help the sensors with precision in distance tracking, interval calculation and more. It also has a heart rate monitor that measures your pulse rate and notifies of unusual ratings, too high or too low. Fit VII slim fitness tracker has a built-in sensor to monitor your blood pressure. We don’t recommend trusting fitness tracker’s blood pressure measurements. However, to our dismay, users noted Fit VII fitness tracker to be almost accurate in blood pressure monitoring, and only had a difference of a few units, which is more than surprising for us.


Fit VII slim fitness Tracker is an easy to use activity monitor. It is compatible with Android 5.0, IOS 10. Bluetooth compatibility is 4.0

Connects to FitCloudPro App, available on google play store and Apple store.


Fit VII slim Fitness tracker has an impressive battery life of 10 days. Which makes you worry less about charging and keeping your device operating on your wrist all the time. You also get a display of 0.96 inches. And the colors available are: blue silicone, red, pink, black, gold, silver

Alternative to FIT VII Slim Fitness Tracker

If you’re still unsure about the Fit VII Slim Fitness Tracker, please check out similar trackers that might work for you. Below are two best alternatives to 

 ZURURU Fitness Tracker 

➢ Heart Rate Monitor
➢ Sleep Tracker
➢Activity Monitor 24/7
➢Calorie Tracker
➢Digital tracking
➢Smart Notification
➢7 day battery life

 Livikey Fitness Tracker

Features of Livikey Fitness Tracker

➢ IP67 Waterproof
➢  Heart Rate Monitor
➢ Sleep Monitor
➢ Calorie Tracker
➢ Pedometer
➢ Activity Tracker
➢ Multi Sport mode
➢ 7 day battery life

FAQs about Fit VII Slim fitness tracker

Does Fit VII Slim fitness tracker work with Fitbit app?

No FitVII can only be connected to the FitCloudPro App.

Does it work without bluetooth connectivity to mobile phones?

Yes you can still track your exercise, Heart Rate, and use the pedometer without Bluetooth connectivity.

Does Fit VII fitness tracker require subscription after setting up?

No, the Fit VII tracker does not require subscription or have hidden charges.

Can the tracker band be cleaned after wear?

Yes, you can clean them with a wet cloth to remove any dirt or stain.

 How long does it take to charge completely?

The tracker can be charged in 2-3 hours.


If you’re looking for an affordable fitness tracker to meet your fitness goals, Fit VII slim Fitness Tracker is the ideal choice. It is beginner friedly and easy to use, but is equipped with the most advanced tracking features to help your fitness journey.