Comparison: Fitbit Luxe Vs Inspire 3. Which One to Buy?

Choosing between two fitness trackers with similar features can be a little tricky. As both apparently look identical and have somewhat similar features. However, based on certain functions and personal requirement, you may prefer one over the other. That devil is in the details. In this article, we have done a Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 3 (also by Fitbit) fitness watch comparison. Even if you have made up your mind, read on to find out if you really are picking the right option.

In a Hurry to Find the Winner?

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read until the end of this review, you can see the winner of your comparison below.

Fitbit Inspire 3 Fitness Watch

Fitbit Inspire 3 is a 24/7 heart rate monitoring fitness watch, which is both budget friendly and minimalist. It’s made for fitness enthusiasts in general and professional atheletes in specific. It has a ton of different functions and features that never cease to amaze its users.

Why Fitbit Inspire 3 Fitness Tracker Wins?

  • Fitbit Inspire 3 has a 5 days longer battery timing than Fitbit luxe
  • Fitbit Inspire 3 has a Barometer Sensor that can inform you of weather trend
  • Notify you of unusual heart beat rate, too high or too low
  • Track Calorie intake
  • Overall better performance with useful Features
  • Cheaper than Fitbit Luxe fitness Tracker

Fitbit Luxe Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Luxe is a fitness and wellness tracker by Fitbit. It’s a slim, versatile and minimalist smart activity tracker that can measure your heart rate 24/7. It also tracks your sleep and gives your recommendations tailored to your own schedule. Whether you’re indoor doing your daily activities or outdoor performaing intense fitness exercises, Luxe has got you covered.

Made of high quality silicone material, its straps don’t leave marks or cause discomfort. Only weighing 0.06 pounds, this fitness watch can give you 5-day battery time on a full charge. In terms of connectivity, you can use your smartphone to seamlessly sync your device and you’re good to go.

It has a jewelry design and looks very versatile and modern. It also comes in four different colors and styles and appeals to people with different likings. Many people who used Fitbit Luxe vs inspire 3 noted its sleek design and appreciated the quality and accuracy of the smart tracker. While some people were not happy with the initial set up of the activity watch, the overall sentiment was positive. Check Price Here

Fitbit Inspire 3 Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Inspire 3 fitness tracker by Fitbit is our favourite when compared with its rival Fitbit Luxe (refer to our comparison Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 3). And there are some obvious reasons for that. First, Inspire 3 is not just your common watch. It’s more like a fitness tracker with stress management and workout intensity tracker. Most fitness activities do require time for recovery and build upon the stamina. Insipre 3 gives you a stress management score on a daily basis, breathing and mindfulness sessions, and irregular heart beat notification.

Along with tracking exercises and daily fitness activities, Fitbit Inspire 3 helps improve your sleep by profiling your sleep pattern and scoring different sleep cycles. It also has a smart wake vibrating alarm so you never miss your important morning activities.

It connects to your smartphone and displays calls, texts, messages, notifications and much more. The fitness tracker is highly customizable and you can change clock faces with touch display. It can resist water up to 50 meters and the battery lasts for up to 10 days on single charge.

Review of Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 3

Fitness trackers are activity monitors that help you stay fit, productive and accountable. They come with a variety of features, whether it be activity monitoring, exercise tracking, calorie counting, sleep tracking or digital notification. Fitness trackers help you achieve your daily goals. Let’s put it straight Fitness trackers alone will not make you healthy, exercising regularly, getting proper diet, drinking loads of water and taking quality sleep will. Fitness trackers only help you put these healthy activities in order and keep track of your routine to maximise your fitness goals. They are mere watchdogs, you have to do the action while they watch you, advise you and remind you. So we will now review Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 3 and let you decide which one wins.

Functions of Fitbit Luxe Fitness tracker

Fitbit Luxe fitness tracker is an activity monitor by Fitbit. It tracks your physical activities and routines around the clock. Fitbit luxe has a vibrant display that makes for a user-friendly overall experience with the tracker. It gives you an Exercise Diary to plan your workout routine, and an Exercise Tagging where you can record your workout details, future plans and more. Fitbit luxe lets you choose from multisport mode to track your workout based on the sport. You can sync your data to cloud storage to prevent data loss in case you plan to change your device. You get smart notifications through your watch across social platforms, whatsapp, instagram, facebook. You are also notified of text messages and call alerts. A wide variety of tracking and activity monitoring functions makes Fitbit Luxe an admirable choice for a fitness tracker.

Functions of Fitbit Inspire 3

Fitbit Inspire 3 is an activity monitor by Fitbit. Among the basic fitness trackers, Fitbit Inspire 3 is widely used by hobby runners and recommended as a secondary keeper by pro athletes. It monitors your physical fitness by tracking your routines, habits, food intake, and lifestyle. Inspire 3 sets ideal goals for your fitness journey and reminds you of necessary call to action notifications. Fibit Inspire 3 can monitor your cardiac health and sleep quality, integrate the data into your fitness tracking and suggests you actions to minimise sleep loss and achieve a better heart health. You can add details and future plans about your exercise

in Exercise tagging, which helps in understanding your workout routines better.

Comparison of Functions Fitbit Luxe Vs Inspire 3

Fitbit LuxeFitbit Inspire 3
Tracks your physical exertion 24/7Tracks your physical activity all the same
Gets you smart alerts from social platformGets you smart alerts from social platforms
Contain Multi-sport Mode Contain Multi Sport Mode
Tracks your sleep patterns to ensure quality sleep and ensure better overall healthAlso tracks your sleep
Monitor cardiac healthMonitors your cardiac health
Provide you details about workouts, including intervals Give you more accurate data about your workouts 
Do not Monitor your eating habitsMonitor your eating habits
Cannot provide information about weather conditionsCan provide information about weather conditions

By looking at the comparative table we deduce that Fitbit Luxe can not perform important functions such as food monitoring, weather information, while Inspire 3 does. The difference is slight but the tracker with food monitoring, and temperature sensor enhance other functions, and gives additional details about your health, and share useful insights. It also helps the tracker with accuracy and precision. In our reviw about Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 3, it’s clear that Inspire 3 edges out Fitbit luxe in terms of functionality.

Features of Fitbit Luxe Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Luxe comes with a multitude of features that makes its fitness tracking a better experience. It has almost all the basic features that are vital to fitness trackers with their ability to monitor your daily activity. 

Fitbit Luxe’s heart rate tracker monitors your heart beat, and shares insights about your cardiac health. Heart beat monitor can assist you in understanding more about your workouts and exercise, it also helps the device with some additional information that can make fitness tracking with precision.

 Luxe’s features an Accelerometer which tracks your acceleration during running, jogging and workouts. By tracking your acceleration you are suggested tips on increasing pace, achieve pace goals and more calorie burn as a result. Fitbit Luxe fitness tracker also can measure your blood oxygen through an inbuilt sensor, such data provide you insights into your respiratory health and maximise fitness tracking experience. Luxe features a stroke counter to count your strokes during swimming sessions. It is also able to recognise swimming strokes. It can track distance travelled while running, jogging and walking. It features an inbuilt Pedometer to count your steps in running, jogging, walking. 

  • It lacks calorie tracker.
  • It lacks a Barometer.

Features of Fitbit Inspire 3 Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Inspire 3 also contains a variety of features. Its inbuilt sensors help you track your fitness and physical exertion with precision. It contains a calorie tracker that helps you with weight management and calorie consumption, calories burn. This is the feature that we think makes the Fitbit Inspire 3 fitness Tracker a better choice than Fitbit luxe tracker.

 Fitbit Inspire 3’s calorie tracker integrates data into the tracker’s other sensors and helps with suggestions, and useful tips about healthy eating. The calorie tracker enhances the overall tracking experience with the device. It features a Heart Rate Monitor to track your cardiac health, heart rate monitor also informs you of unusual beat rate. It has an Accelerometer to measure your acceleration during running, walking and jogging. It also features a Stroke Counter to measure swim strokes. Fitbit Inspire 3 also has a Barometer that informs you about weather conditions, which the Fitbit Luxe tracker does not contain. It can remotely control your smartphone’s camera while connected to your phone. It also has a Temperature Sensor and tells you about current temperature. Beside that, it has almost all of the basic tracking and activity monitoring features.

Comparison of Features Between Fitbit Luxe and Fitbit Inspire 3

Fitbit Luxe Fitness trackerFitbit Inspire 3 fitness Tracker
Contain a heart rate trackerContain a heart rate tracker
Contain an AccelerometerContain an Accelerometer
Contain a Stroke counter for swimming Contain a stroke counter for swimming
Contain a PedometerContain a Pedometer
Lacks a Calorie TrackerContain a Calorie tracker
Lacks a BarometerContain a Barometer
Lacks a temperature SensorContain a Temperature Sensor

Specifications of Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 3 By Fitbit

Below is a run down of specification of both Fitbit Luxe and Fitbit Inspire 3

Fitbit Luxe Fitness TrackerFitbit Inspire 3 Fitness Tracker
5 day battery time10 days battery time
Compatibility- SmartphonesColours available- Black, Graphite, Lunar white, OrchidSmartphonesColours available- Morning Glow, Lilac Bliss, Black
Dimensions- 1.43 x 0.69 x 0.4Dimensions- 0.71 x 0.43 x 1.54 inches
UnspecifiedWeight-  3.84 Ounces


So ther you have it: a comparison between Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 3 fitness tracker. As you can see Fitbit Inspire 3 is a clear winner. And that’s because it has stress and breathing management features and the battery lasts longer than the other. However, if you don’t require the above features, Fitbit Luxe can be a good option. Otherwise, I’ll personally go with the Fitbit Inspire 3 fitness tracker.