Best Treadmill: Is Sole f63 TreadMill Worth it?

Treadmills are workout machines that give you a full body workout from the comfort of your home. They are designed for running, jogging, and strength training.

If you are looking for a high-quality treadmill to work out on, Sole f63 could be your best pick. Sole f63 has been regarded as the best workout treadmill by various fitness magazines.

The treadmill is highly popular in fitness circles and has a go-to classic treadmill status for its reliability, smooth functionality, powerful engine, and rigid build. 

Whether you are a beginner and unsure about which treadmill to buy or a pro-athlete and adding a secondary treadmill to your collection, Sole f63 will fulfill your requirements. 

The treadmill has a 10-inch large screen with a touch console for quick access to various options. The display has an incline, decline, speed, and emergency stop buttons.

Sole F63 has a 20-inch wide and 60-inch long running deck with a sturdy all-steel frame making the f63 treadmill a durable and long-lasting fitness machine.

Key features
⧫ Powerful Engine 
⧫ Ultra Quiet motor
⧫ Interactive LCD Display
⧫ 40 percent Incline
⧫ High-Speed Maximum
⧫ Sturdy steel Build
⧫ Beginner and user friendly

What Sets Sole f63 Apart?

Sole F63 has been around for some time now, and the demand never ends. The most remarkable feature of Sole f63 is its robust and powerful features. There are other treadmills at a market price almost twice and thrice lesser than the Sole f63 treadmill, and they come with these high-tech features; an advanced screen with multi-display options, exotic modern design, and clever folding techniques. But Sole f63 stills stand the best despite having none of that. That is only because of its strong basics. 

The only consideration of a pro athlete or a part-time fitness freak is strengthening the body and enhancing endurance. The 40% incline of sole f63 is rarely offered in other treadmills, and in any case, if close to the mark, they’re reportedly inaccurate and unreliable.

Another great feature of the f63 is its maximum high speed. Working out at 19 km/h top speed is athletic and pro fitness training. 

Sole f63 has a cushioned deck with Cushion Flex whisper technology. It is the strongest cushioning technology and FlexSelect cushioning used in NordicTrack T Series Treadmills.

Sole f63 has a tough frame build, maximum top speed, high incline percentage, and a belt with advanced cushioning technology. This powerful basic functioning sets apart sole f63 from other treadmills in the same range with more or less advanced features.

Review of Sole f63 Treadmill

We researched the Sole f63 features, functionality, specifications, and user experience. Let’s review the fitness favorite Sole f63 Treadmill.


Below is a rundown of the Sole F63 treadmill’s Features

Engine Motor

Sole F63 has a powerful 3.0 Horsepower CHP motor that delivers the flawless belt-run exclusive to Sole’s powerful engine motors. The motor delivers speeds, including the strenuous top speed of 19 km/h. Sole uncompromisingly emphasizes its engine motor for a durable base and delivers a challenging speed customized for efficient and enhanced strength training.

The engine integrates UltraQuiet technology, making the motor run smoothly and silently at high speeds. The UltraQuiet technology reduces motor-induced fraction from the belt and eliminates performance lags. The fraction can also cause wear and tear in the belt. The UltraQuiet technology increases the belt’s life and ensures excellent training.

The sole F63 engine has self-cooling technology that allows the motor to cool after running for longer in strength and high-energy training. The engine motor can also cool itself during active operation and never slow or shut down in the middle of workouts. Self Cooling protects the motor from getting too hot and prevents machine problems.

Sole f63 treadmill machine delivers a 15-level Incline, roughly equal to 40 % of the total deck elevation. The incline makes the workout more challenging and increases calorie burn. As a fat cutter and muscle gainer, I have used the incline feature on different treadmills over the years, and it has been wondrous to my muscle build. The incline level of Sole f63 is much more promising than other treadmills in the same range across the market. Combining a high incline % with f63’s top speed will shed pounds quicker and build healthy muscle while gaining strength and a lean physique. 

Our Verdict on Sole f63 Treadmill Motor

As I mentioned, the sole f63 emphasizes strong basics in the treadmill. The sole f63 engine motor is one example. The 3.0 CHP motor delivers unequaled performance consistently and ensures a permanent quality workout. The UltraQuiet technology reduces machine noise, allowing the belt to run smoothly and protecting it from damage.


➤ 3.0 Horsepower CHP Powerful Engine Motor
➤ UltraQuiet Technology to enhance smooth belt running and provide a noiseless experience
➤ A high maximum speed of 19 km/h makes it a powerful training machine and feasible for high-strength training workouts
➤ A high Incline % to fuel your workouts and gives the right challenge for diverse users’ abilities.

Running Track Deck

The sole F63 treadmill deck is made of the finest material and has a rough-surfaced running belt with advanced cushioning.


The sole F63 treadmill’s deck is steel framed at the sides, with a length of 40 inches and a 20 inches width. The sole f63 treadmill’s deck is cushioned with Cushion Flex whisper deck technology, used in one of the most highly cushioned decks. There has been a rise in demand for cushioned decks, which significantly reduces the force impact on your joints and knees. The running belt produces fractions that impact your joints and knees, from your ankles to your lower hip bones. The impact force is damaging to these tissues and muscles. The cushioned deck protects your knees by absorbing the shock from the deck to your joints and gives a smoother running experience in contrast to running on the asphalt surface. The cushion flex whisper deck eliminates the chances of injuring your joints. And if you’re coming back from an injury, the deck surface is safer for you not to relapse into your procured injury.


The sole F63 Treadmill Belt is 2-ply, made of urethane material with a 1.6 mm thickness, 20 inches width, and 60 inches length. The belt is your immediate contact with the treadmill, and a high-quality belt decides your experience with the deck surface. 
The Impact zone, where your foot lands on the belt, is cushioned softer to make completing the step less challenging.

In the Transitioning zone, where the landed foot slides back along the belt is moderately cushioned to improve stability. And finally, the push-off zone, where your foot lands behind your hip, is cushioned roughly to eliminate any chances of you falling. The f63 treadmill belt surface also has a rugged surface to enhance foot grip, while the 3-zone advanced cushioning provides a softer and injury-free running experience, with less impact force on your joints and knees.

The sole F63 Treadmill has built-in Flywheels attached to the belt. A flywheel maintains the inertia of the belt. The flywheel in Sole’s f63 makes the belt run with smooth rotation and without any jerkiness and imbalance in the motion.


➤ Flywheels to ensure a smooth running belt without jerking and imbalanced belt motion
➤ Cushion Flex whisper deck technology to reduce the impact on joints and knees
➤ 3-zoned cushioned belt to improve grip, provide a smooth stepping experience, and reduce the chances of falling.

Digital Interaction/Features

The sole F63 treadmill has well-functioning digital features that enhance your experience with the treadmill.

Heart Rate Tracker

F63 Treadmill has a grip-on pulse tracker. The pulse tracker tracks your heart rate from the built-in sensor in the Grip handles. The console button on the monitor can activate the pulse monitor. The heart tracker shows you data on the screen.

Sole’s F63 heart rate tracker is accurate, and the data is extremely useful in HIIT workouts to understand the dynamics of your cardiac health. The heart rate monitoring also gives you an insight into your training, the fluctuations in different strength sessions, and their effect on your overall wellness. A steady and calm heart rate prolongs your workout life and stamina. Later, you can retrieve the heart rate data during different workout sessions into the connected apps with your treadmill.

Workout data

Sole F63 treadmill tracks your calorie burn in real-time during workouts and displays the data on the monitor’s screen. Calorie tracking helps you with weight management and healthy food choices. It can further enhance your workout ability and provide a check and balance mechanism to improve your physique. The F63 treadmill also displays your distance covered and your pace in any workout session and shows the data on the screen.


The sole F63 treadmill can be connected to your smartphone to track your workout sessions. The treadmill has built-in powerful speakers to listen to music while running, walking, or jogging. The speakers are solid, and the Bluetooth connectivity is flawless. Sole f63 Treadmill also features a USB Port to charge your device while working out.


You can connect the treadmill to android and IOS smartphones. Sole F63 has an app connectivity to track your workout data. You can sync your machine with iFit and Fitbit, which makes it the most versatile and user-friendly Bluetooth-syncing treadmill. 


➤ Grip-on Pulse tracker on the Grip handles to track your heart rate.
➤ Calorie tracking, distance tracking, Pace
➤ Bluetooth Connectivity to interact with the treadmill from your smartphone
➤ App connectivity to track your workout sessions and analyze your data. 
➤ Can be connected to iFit and Fitbit apps on Playstore and Apple store.
➤ Powerful double speakers to listen to music.
➤ User-friendly digital experience.
➤ A USB Port to charge your mobile phone or tablet while working out.

Design and Makeup


The sole f63 Treadmill has a sleek design and solid build. The frame is made of heavy-duty steel, with high-quality rubber material, urethane in the belt, and quality foam material in the cushioning. 
Sole f63 features a foldable design with wheels for easy movement. You can fold the treadmill after a workout and move it to place anywhere in your dwelling. Sole F63 Treadmill features a device holder to put your tab or smartphone, watch movies or listen to music. It also has bottle holders to put your water bottle and protein shakes.


  • The sole F63 Treadmill is 82 inches long, 35 inches wide, and 57 inches high.
  • It features an LCD screen with a size of 6.5 inches.
  • Its deck Length is 40 Inches, and its width is 20 inches.
  • The Treadmill weighs 115 Kg.
  • The maximum weight it can bear is 100 Kg.


➤ F63 is a space saver with a foldable design to fold the treadmill after every workout.
 Transportation wheels for easy mobility.
➤ A device holder for your smartphone to watch movies or music
➤ A double bottle holder to place your protein shake bottle or water.
➤ Treadmill dimensions are 82″D x 35″W x 57″H
➤ Weight Bearing is 100 Kilograms.


How much time does it take to assemble the treadmill?
If you know your way around nuts and bolts a little, it’ll take you 45 minutes to assemble it. No mechanical expertise is required, just installation of the sidebars, tray, and console; a few nuts here and there needs tightening. The item package comes with an assembly manual, which is quite easy to follow.

Is the Treadmill compatible with third-party apps?
The Treadmill can be connected to the Sole f63 treadmill official app. It does support iFit and Fitbit to track your workout data.

Does it come with an official warranty?
Sole offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee and will even pay the shipment expenses. Besides that, the engine motor is lifetime warranted, with three years warranty for the deck track and 12 years warranty for the frame.

How often should I lubricate my treadmill?
Ideally, it would help to lubricate the treadmill’s belt every three to four months or after every 130 miles mark. You can use silicone sprays available online or old grease mixed with brake oil from your automobile’s engine.

If you are about to get a sole f63 treadmill, you don’t need to apply lubrication right out of the box. You can use it straightaway for about six months a year.

Our Verdict

Sole F63 Folding Treadmill is a durable workout machine. Its strong basic features operate flawlessly, and a commercial engine motor makes it a fitness club asset. It is user-friendly and has sensitive console buttons. If you are unsure which Treadmill to get and are not extremely unfit and can bear the slightly small deck area, go for it. For anybody with no more than 6’2 height and a 40 % body mass index BMI, this Treadmill is ideal. The powerful 3.0 CHP motor, Cushion Flex Whisper deck, and a 15 % Incline are good for the price, along with its sturdy makeup and space-saving design.