Best Surge Suppressor for Treadmill

Treadmills are expensive fitness machines that are powered by AC circuits. Surge suppressors are appliances that protect your treadmill from voltage spikes. The suppressor absorbs electric current, so it does not damage your treadmill when voltage spikes occur. Surge Suppressors are designed to protect your treadmill and other electronic devices from short circuits, fire, heat absorption, and unwanted noise. 

We reviewed multiple surges protecting power outlets across the market and listed the best surge suppressors below. These devices enhance the average life of your treadmill and electronic appliances, protect them from power damage, and ensure they last long. The spike suppressors below are reliable, rigid, and affordable.

They will keep your treadmill safe from damage and, at the same time, suppress unnecessary noise from your machine. Let’s get to our pick for the best surge suppressors for treadmills.

Don’t want to read the rest of the article? Below is our quick winner!

Our winner

Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector

Key Features

➤ Protect your device from power surges
➤ Features a 1410 joule surge protection
➤ Metallic made robust and ideal for extreme condition
➤ Stops Radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference filters noise and external interference.
➤ 6-ft cord lets you access distant appliances  
➤ 2AC Power outlets to use two devices at a time
➤ A right-angled plug saves you Space against furniture
➤ Resettable circuit breaker shutdowns connected appliances in case of overload
➤ Key-hole mounting slots for permanent or temporary installation

Best surge protectors for Treadmills

We have picked the best surge suppressors for your treadmill, making it run smoothly and keeping it safe and long-lasting. These surge protectors are also best for other electric appliances in offices, music theatres, Gym centers, and restaurants.

Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector

Tripp Lite Isobar 2-Outlet Surge protector is the best-selling surge suppressor for treadmills and electric appliances. Office bearers and Gym owners love Tripp Lite isobar 2 for its metallic housing and high-joule surge protection against power breakdowns. With Tripp Lite Isobar 2, your treadmill stays unharmed, and you get nonstop fitness workouts. 


High 1440 Joules Surge Protection 

Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector features 1440 joules of surge suppression, which means it can dismiss a whopping 1440 joules of a power spike. The recommended surge suppression scale for treadmills against spikes is 500 to 900 joules. With 1440 joules, your treadmill remains undamaged even in the most dangerous power spikes and energy breakdowns.

12 Ampere Circuit Breaker

Isobar2 features a 12-ampere circuit breaker, allowing the suppressor to shut down all the connected appliances in case of an overload. A circuit breaker is featured in multi-power-outlet suppressors to protect appliances from damage. It is exclusive to Isobar since they used it in their 4-outlet and 8-outlet Tripp Lite versions to protect multi-connected gadgets and appliances from damage. A circuit breaker in a 2-outlet spike suppressor adds that extra layer of protection to your treadmill. The treadmill will shut down even when overheating due to extended use in a single run, which rarely happens. The 12 Ampere circuit breaker is icing on the cake, a feature uncommon in two-outlet surge suppressors.

EMI/RFI noise filtering

Tripp lite Isobar 2 features Electromagnetic filtering (EMI) and Radioactive frequency interference (RFI) filtering that cancels external interference and unwanted noise. EMI AND RFI are used in a jampack tech and electric environment where multiple appliances operate simultaneously. EMI/RFI filtering enhances the smooth performance of the appliances and ensures no interference occurs between them. Treadmills and other electric gym gears are sophisticated electromechanical appliances. EMI & RFI filtering also ensure the devices and the environment’s safety.

Isolated Filter Bank

An isolated filter bank stops internal interference of the Tripp Lite Isobar between connected devices. Since the device has two outlets, and the high voltage requirement of treadmills or other electric appliances may create a space for interference between both, an Isolated filter bank removes that possibility. An isolated filter bank means that the surge suppressors provide power to the appliance through different channels and remain detached from the power supply.

Thermal Fusing

Thermal fusing protects the surge suppressor from overheating. Through thermal fusion, when the device detects heat above the maximum mark, it breaks down the internal circuit and shut down the power supply to your treadmill. Thermal fusing keeps your treadmill and the surge suppressor safe and functioning in extreme conditions.


✔️ 1440 Joules spike protection
✔️ Thermal fusing
✔️ External Noise Cancellation
✔️ External Interference cancellation
✔️ Fire Resistance
✔️ Metallic housed
✔️ 6-feet long cord
✔️ Installation Slots
✔️ Bi-colored, Black and white
✔️ USB Ports


❌ Not Ideal for low-powered devices, such as charging phones, smart watches, etc.

APC 11-Outlet Surge Protector

APC 11-Outlet Surge Protector is ideal for fitness gear, treadmills, offices, and home appliances. It features 11AC power outlets, letting you connect multiple appliances simultaneously. The APC surge protector is slender, light, and cleverly designed, with spacious power outlets to plug in bulky chargers, power adapters, and more. 

Key Features

3020 Joules Surge suppression

APC 11-outlet surge suppressor features 3020 joules of protection against electric spikes. Your treadmill is vulnerable to damage against a 200-400 joules surge. With 3020 joules protection, you care about running more. A high joules surge suppression means more protection. APC surge suppressor can power 11 different appliances simultaneously, and a high surge suppression ensures no internal interference between the power supply. It further makes smooth power transfer and less electric resistance, keeping your appliance and the surge suppressor safe.

Data line and ethernet Cable Protection

APC 11-outlet surge suppressor features telephone DSL and coaxial ports. Once your phone line passes through the surge suppressor before connecting it to the Fax machine or internet modem, your devices are safe against electric short circuits and power spikes. This feature works well in tight spaces where different electric appliances operate, ensuring safety.


✔️ 3020 joules surge suppression
✔️ 11AC Power Outlet
✔️ Ethernet and Coaxial Cable protection
✔️ Sliding sockets for enhanced safety
✔️ Metallic made
✔️ heat and fire resistant
✔️ Durable and Long Lasting
✔️ 8 feet long rotating cord
✔️ Right-angled plug
✔️ Space saving


❌ Lacks EMI/RFI Filtering
❌ Slightly Bulky with a weightage of 1 lb

Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector

Belkin Power Strip surge protector is designed to save your treadmill from energy spikes. It features safety measures both for the device and the connected appliances. Belkin is made of metal and is a robust, long-lasting surge protector across the market. This surge protector is also best for other electric appliances, such as printers, gym gear, digital pianos, and Fax machines.


High 3940 Surge Protection

Belkin Power Strip surge protector keeps your treadmill safe against 3940 joules of surge spikes. Belkin’s surge tolerance is high due to the multi-outlet connections. It can protect your treadmill, fitness gear, computer appliances, printers, and other electrical devices through huge energy surges. Three thousand nine hundred forty joules surge protection is enough to save your treadmill and every other connected appliance against a thunder striking, a rare occurrence. 

Direct Data Line Protection

Belkin Power Strip features RJ11 1-in-2-out Fax and telephone cable inputs that protect your data lines, such as coaxial and ethernet cables. This helps to keep your internet connection running in a packed electromechanical environment. You can work out nonstop while all other appliances get a smooth and safe power supply. Data line protection is best for gym owners and trainers who manage multiple activities simultaneously and need assurance of safer surroundings.

Short circuit and overloading protection

Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector keeps your appliances safe in case of overloading and short circuit. The 12AC outlet is intended for multiple appliances to be powered simultaneously, causing overloading. Belkin power strip breaks the circuit and stops powering the connected appliances, which keeps it safe from damage.


✔️ 3940 joules surge Protection
✔️ 12AC Power Outlets
✔️ Metallic makeup
✔️ Ethernet cables, broadband, telephone cables Protection
✔️ Child Safety Sliding Locks
✔️ Durable and Fire Resistant
✔️ Space Saving
✔️ Slender design


❌ Lacks an EMI/RFI filtering

ECHOGEAR 6-Outlet Surge suppressor

ECHOGEAR is an electrically grounded surge protector that protects your treadmill from power damage. ECHOGEAR 6-outlet surge suppressor features no cord. Instead, an inbuilt power plug can be plugged into the existing power source in the wall. It has 6AC power outlets, which lets you power multiple devices alone. 

Key Features

1080 jl Surge suppression

ECHOGEAR suppressor features 1080 joules of spike arrest. It keeps your treadmill, home appliances, and other electrical equipment safe in case of short circuits and other electric fallouts.

EMI/RFI Filtering

ECHOGEAR surge suppressors have radioactive and electromagnetic interference filters, which stop outside interference from other appliances and help the appliance run smoothly without noise.

1.5 rotational outlets

You can connect multiple devices simultaneously, and the outlets can be rotated one and a half degrees to ensure clutter-free power management.

A reliable surge suppressor, ECHOGEAR is cheap compared to the above listed, but it also gives pro surge protection and features an EMI/RFI filter. 

CyberPower CSB300W Surge Protector

Cyberpower surge protector is best for your treadmill if you own one for personal use. It protects your treadmill from damage causing power breaks and short circuits. It is lightweight and simple but is a good pick for personal use. Despite being a basic surge protector, It features an Electromagnetic and Radioactive interference filter, which helps your appliance run smoothly without creating noise. EMI and RFI surge suppressors also remove interference between the electromagnetic circuits if they operate nearby. CyberPower Surge Protector has no cord and is powered by plugging into an existing power outlet.

Key Features

  • 900 Joules Power surge suppression
  • EMI/RFI filtering reduces external interference and noise
  • Ideal for home appliances, office equipment, and gym gear.


✔️ High Joules Surge Protection
✔️ Electromagnetic and radioactive interference stoppage filters
✔️ 3AC power outlets
✔️ Lightweight
✔️ Sleek design
✔️ Affordable


❌ Lacks Circuit Power breaking

Final word

If you are looking for a surge suppressor solely for your treadmill use, Tripp Lite ISO Bar 2 Outlet Surge Suppressor is the best pick. If you have a diverse use and own heavy electric appliances, our other mentions are ideal for spike suppressors and protecting your appliances against short circuits and harm.