Best Smartwatch for Teenager, Kid, and Children in 2023

The smartwatch industry has sky-rocked for the last few years. Thanks to a shift in the tech industry from clunky manual devices to smart, portable digital gadgets. While most of these innovations are targeted at an aged demographic, there are also devices that our youngsters can benefit from. Many different brands are rolling out new smartwatches for the younger generation. After researching, reviewing, and analyzing a dozen different smartwatches, we have concluded, from a list of 8, the best smartwatch for your teenager, kid, tween, and child.

Top 8: Best Smartwatch for Teenager

We’ll review and analyze each smartwatch and help you pick the best smartwatch for teenager.

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VTech KidiZoom DX2 (for Kids, tweens, and children)

After reviewing and analyzing different smartwatches for teenagers, we have concluded that VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 is the best smartwatch for kids, tweens, and children.
Quality: 4.6/5
Pricing: 4.6/5
Rating: 4.7/5

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Amazfit Bip S Smartwatch (for teenager)

After reviewing and analyzing different smartwatches for teenagers, we have concluded that Amazfit Bip is the best smartwatch for teenager.
Quality: 4.5/5
Pricing: 4.6/5
Rating: 4.5/5

Do You Need a Smartwatch for Teenager?

While many parents want their kids to stay away from smart gadgets and devices, there’s also enough research that shows that restriction on your children can lead to the temptation of trying that thing anyways. So it’s better to train your teenagers and children to use these devices for some constructive activities and learning. Does your child need a smartwatch? The simple answer: Yes.

A smartwatch can be useful if used the right way. The most important thing for your child should be his/her health. If he’s healthy and active, he’ll be able to perform his best. A smartwatch can motivate him to train himself and perform his physical activities. It will help him freshen up for his studies and work.

What are the Benefits of Smartwatch for a Teenager?

Technology has enabled us to live efficiently and make our lives easier and more comfortable. Your child may be prone to become a victim of the digital world. It means you may lose track of his daily activities. That’s when a smartwatch can be helpful. Here are a few things a smartwatch can benefit you and your teenager.

Tracking and monitoring – If your child is out-going, he may build relationships with people and go to a different place. A smartwatch can help you locate his position and make sure he’s not wandering in places that can be harmful to your child.

Communications – In case of any emergency or quick communications with your child, a smartwatch often comes handy. Not only will you be able to answer and receive phone calls, but there are also voice and video chat features for instant connection.

Activity tracking – With an increase in obesity, mortality rate, depression, and anxiety, which can be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle, it’s important to perform a daily fitness activity. A smartwatch can motivate your child to get up and reach his goals by tracking and monitoring his activities.

Things to Consider before Buying Best Smartwatch for Teenager

With dozens of smartwatches on the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best smartwatch for your teen. However, once you know what you’re looking for in a smartwatch, you can pick something you’ll love to have. Below is a list of things you should consider before buying a smartwatch for teenager.

Fitness tracking – Fitness tracking is one of the essential features of a smartwatch. If it’s accurate, you’re good to go. Sport and activity tracking help your teen to work hard on the treadmill or the trail to reach his fitness goals.

Location tracking and parental control – If you’re worried about your child’s location or involvement in inappropriate activities, features such as location tracking and parental control can help. They ensure peace of mind when you know your child’s location and activities.

Versatility and customization – The smartwatch you choose should have a versatile design, customization options, and user-friendly features. Many smartwatches with fewer custom options and poor adjustability become non-usable.

Value – A budget friendly smartwatch with better features can be an excellent choice for an average user. However, we don’t always recommend to base your buying decision solely on the price. The important thing is to look at other features and what you need in a smartwatch. You can then see what price range these smartwatches are falling in.

Top 8: Best Smartwatch for Teenager

1. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Quality: 4.6/5
Pricing: 4.6/5
Rating: 4.7/5
If you want your kid to learn and play at the same time, this smartwatch is just the best choice. Not only will he be able to snap pictures and videos, but the design of the watch also allows him to play thrilling games without a hassle.

VTech KidiZoom is not always just about games. This smartwatch can also count steps with a built-in pedometer. There are 50+ digital and analog watch faces for your kid to choose from. People who bought the smartwatch said it was one of the best gifts for their child.

Apps and games – The smartwatch features motion-controlled games like Crazy Dance and Funky Jump. It also triggers sound effects when you move around.

Apps – Take pictures, record videos, and add cool photo effects using this smartwatch. Timer, alarm, and calendar also help your kid learn time concepts.

Quality and durability – The watch strap and casing are durable and splash proof for everyday use.

✔️ Picture and video functions.
✔️ Rechargeable
✔️ Dual camera
✔️ Motion controlled games

❌ May freeze for some people

2. Karaforna GPS Kid Smart Watch

Quality: 4.4/5
Pricing: 4.5/5
Rating: 4.3/5
This smartwatch is a little more advanced when it comes to functionality. You get features like voice chat, self-dialing, GPS, SOS emergency call, and parent control setting.

With four different color options, this smartwatch supports 2g GSM sim cards for making phone calls and voice chat with your kid. They can also press the SOS button for help in case of any emergency or danger.

Apps and tracking – Whether you need basic apps or GPS function, Karaforna smartwatch ensures everything you need to entertain and protect your teenager.

Remote monitoring – You can access your child location, monitor calls, and, if needed, remote locking feature.

Entertainment – Your child can play games and download even more if needed. There are also other cool apps that help your kid learn fun things.

✔️ Tracking and monitoring
✔️ Voice chat and phone call function
✔️ Emergency SOS button
✔️ Clear and large display

❌ A bit difficult to set for the first time

Similar alternative suggested for unavailable product

3. VTech Star Wars Smartwatch

Quality: 4.3/5
Pricing: 4.4/5
Rating: 4.4/5
VTech Smartwatch is a versatile Star Wars fans smart watch. Ideal for both kids and teenagers, it can take pictures and record videos, with more than 20 different Star Wars image effects.

This device helps you explore time concepts using a calendar, alarm, and stopwatch. With more than 20 different watch faces to choose from, this smartwatch enables you to explore your favorite characters in a fun way.

Motion sensors – The built-in motion sensors can trigger different sound effects from lightsabre, droid, and spaceship.

Apps – You can use a calculator, calendar, and stopwatch, alarm, and calendar, etc.

Star War features – They include watch faces with different motion effects and triggers such as lightsaber, droid, and starship.

✔️ Favorite for Star War fans
✔️ 30+ clock face design
✔️ Versatile and user friendly
✔️ Voice recording

❌ May be a little expensive

4. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch for teenagers

Quality: 4.5/5
Pricing: 4.6/5
Rating: 4.4/5
This advanced smartwatch from Amazfit is ideal for your techie teens. Ideal for those who want to stay ahead in the fitness game, Amazfit works well whether your teenager is running, cycling, walking, or performing any intense sports activities.

With four different color options and a wide, always-on 1.28” display, this smartwatch monitors heart rate, tracks daily steps, counts calories burned, and monitors sleep patterns. Users who tried the smartwatch said it was worth it.

Make sports fun – Amazfit keeps you informed of any physical activities you do so you can better understand your fitness level. There are four sports modes like outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, and walking, etc.

Connectivity – The smartwatch connects to android 4.4 and iOS8 and above. The bluetooth connectivity seamlessly syncs your smartwatch with the phone.

Customization – The bands can be customized and replaced with the ones of your choice. With four different color options, the smartwatch is an ideal choice for someone looking for a lot of customization options.

✔️ 4+ Sports modes
✔️ Track activities and heart rate
✔️ Ideal for techie teens

❌ Inaccurate tracking

5. Garmin Vivofit for Kids and Teenagers

Quality: 4.2/5
Pricing: 4.3/5
Rating: 4.4/5
Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is more of a fitness tracker that lasts longer than many other smartwatches. First, it’s swim friendly and can be used while swimming and bathing. The band features the Captain America theme.

There’s also a parental personal assistant that you can use to assign activities, challenges, and fitness goals and then reward your kids. All the sports and personal fitness activities data can be seen on the app.

Challenges for your child – You can monitor what your kids do and how you can track their activities and reward them accordingly.

Battery life – The battery is non-rechargeable and can run for at least a year before you would need to replace it.

Adjustability – The Captain America themed band is adjustable and can be stretched as needed.

Tracking – This fitness tracker tracks daily steps and sleep patterns. The Marvel Avengers mission app adventures help kids meet a 60-minute daily fitness activity goals.

✔️ 1+ year battery life
✔️ Sync with free mobile apps
✔️ Reward based activities
✔️ Full parental control

❌ Band is not very flexible

6. Karaforna Kids Game Smartwatch

Quality: 4.1/5
Pricing: 4.2/5
Rating: 4.0/5
This smartwatch features all useful apps your kids need to learn. With 5+ apps such as alarm clock, music player, calculator, camera, call recorder, and photo album, Karaforna smartwatch helps your boys learn to navigate through the basic functions of modern technologies.

There are a ton of different games for your kids. These puzzling games are quite challenging and are based on different levels. Karaforna smartwatch is easy to use, and the watch band can be adjusted to fit any wrist type.

Package – The package contains a user manual, a 1 GB micro SD card, a short USB charging cable, and Karaforna Kids smartwatch.

Apps and games – There are more than 5+ useful apps and games you can use with this smartwatch.

Customization and versatility – With up to 5+ days of standby battery time, you can use this smartwatch to record, save, upload, and play videos and audio (mp3).

✔️ SOS emergency alarm
✔️ HD screen
✔️ Long battery life
✔️ Wide, clear display

❌ May not be for younger than five years old

7. VTech Kidizoom Pink Smartwatch

Quality: 4.1/5
Pricing: 4.0/5
Rating: 3.9/5
This smartwatch for kids works well if you want to help them learn while playing. It’s splash and sweatproof and can be used daily. There are fun games such as Monster Catcher that create augmented reality and leaves your kids in awe.

You can download new games, upload photos and videos, and change watch faces from a list of 50+ digital and analog watch faces. Intended for kids age 4 to 12 years, this smartwatch can be a better addition to your kid’s gift list.

Motion apps and games – There are fun apps and challenging games you can use to entertain your kid.

Clock faces – With more than 50 different watch faces, your kid will enjoy different themes every single day.

Customization – The smartwatch can be customized and used to make changes to the basic settings and features for a more custom feel.

✔️ Pink color for children
✔️ Photo and video effects
✔️ Fun games and challenges

❌ Customer service is not friendly

8. TickTalk 3 Unlocked 4G LTE Teenagers Smartwatch

Quality: 4.0/5
Pricing: 4.1/5
Rating: 4.0/5
If you’re looking for an advanced smartwatch for your teenager and kids, this is one of the best. TickTalk 3 Unlocked is the only kid smartwatch that can be used to carry video calling smoothly within the U.S. You can use Wi-Fi connectivity for a data-free internet connection.

The locator feature is 50% faster than their previous model – thanks to its advanced 4G reception functionality. With replaceable bands and matching watch faces options, you can ensure a nice mix of matching colors.

Tracking and location – You can track the location 50% faster than their previous model, and with greater precision to ensure your child is in safe proximity.

Sim card use – You can use T-mobile or AT&T network carriers on your smartwatch. There’s also an option to use a carrier of your own choice, if you fulfill some prerequisites.

Apps and features – Phone calls, messaging, parental control, custom reminders, wifi connectivity, and voice messages are some of its features.

✔️ Video chat and voice messaging
✔️ Mobile network and wifi features
✔️ Smart location tracking

❌ Poor battery life

best smartwatch for teenager


This concludes our list of best smartwatches for your child. Always look for features and benefits in a smartwatch – those that can benefit you and your kids. With hundreds of options, you can only look for the essential features. Based on our research, VTech KidiZoom DX2 is the best smartwatch for kids, tweens, and children, while Amazfit Bip is the best smartwatch for teenager.