Top 8 Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete Reviewed

People who walk and stand on concrete floors for an extended duration are prone to develop foot pain, muscle damage, leg ache, discomfort, and other mobility problems. One of the main reasons that concrete floor takes a toll on your body is because of its inflexible nature. While you should stand and walk most often to offset the adverse health effects of sitting, however, some work routines involve standing on concrete for a long time, which can prove to be unhealthy.

You may choose many other alternatives to avoid standing and walking on concrete floors. For example, use a relatively softer ground to walk on. You can also change your route if the commute to work involves a concrete pavement. However, if your occupation demands you to stand and walk on a concrete floor without any other alternatives, then you don’t have many options than to pick the best shoes for standing on concrete. We have researched, analyzed, and reviewed work shoes for concrete. You’ll find a list of the best shoes for standing and walking on the concrete below.

8 Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete

We’ll review and analyze each pair of best shoes and help you pick the one that is the best.

Quick Winners

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Sketchers Men’s Soft Stride Boot (For Men)

After reviewing and analyzing different men’s shoes for standing on concrete, we have concluded that Sketchers Men’s Soft Stride Boot is the best.
Quality: 4.6/5
Pricing: 4.4/5
Rating: 4.5/5

Sketchers for Women’s Squad SR (For Women)

After reviewing and analyzing different women’s shoes for standing on concrete, we have concluded that Sketchers for Women’s Squad SR is the best.
Quality: 4.4/5
Pricing: 4.3/5
Rating: 4.5/5

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Why Do Your Feet Hurt when You Stand on a Concrete Floor?

You may have noticed some pain, fatigue, and soreness in your muscles and feet when you stand for a prolonged period on a concrete floor. The reason behind it is simple: a concrete floor is not flexible enough to support your feet. You will be able to withstand the hardness for some time, but not for an extended duration because the stiffness of the floor takes a toll on your body, and your muscles and joints can’t adjust their movement to release the tension in your feet.

Do You Need Specific Shoes for Standing on Concrete?

There are all sorts of shoes available on the market for different purposes. You can pick running shoes at your local shop and use them for your morning runs or evening jogs. But before you get any shoes for your individual needs, make sure you know the type of activities you’ll use these shoes for. If your work involves standing and walking on a concrete floor, you should pick shoes that are made specifically for that activity.

There are different ways you can assess whether you need shoes for standing and walking on concrete or not. For example, the time you spend on a concrete floor, symptoms that show the concrete floor is the cause of your sore and painful feet, and discomfort while working on a concrete surface.

Most of the common foot problems arise due to shoes. These shoes are either of the wrong size or type. While many people know the nature and purpose of specific shoes they are wearing, some people don’t understand if they need a particular shoe type. That’s why for someone who works on concrete floors for a longer duration and feels uncomfortable should give this type of shoes a try.

Boots for Standing on Concrete Vs Shoes for Standing on Concrete

Boots are footwear type that covers your foot, ankle, and sometimes even the lower leg. On the other hand, shoes are those type of footwear that’s lightweight and ideal to use in a warm temperature. As standing on a concrete floor requires you to have footwear that is durable, sturdy, and have steel toe for protection, it’s better to have boots for standing on concrete. Most people use the words boots and shoes interchangeably. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to identify what’s the person actually referring to.

When to Replace Your Work Shoes?

Like many other products, shoes also have a life span. Even if some of the shoe companies claim to have a life-time warranty of their shoes, there are still ways those shoes may not be of help after a few years. How do you identify them is easy.

If your shoes wear out and no more support your feet, then it’s time you replace them. Using shoes that no longer help your feet can be painful and dangerous because such shoes can expose your feet to severe injuries.

Generally, you should replace your work shoes every 8 – 10 months. But some shoes may also wear out before that time frame, which’s normal for some shoes. If you’re a runner, consider replacing your shoes every 500-700 kilometers. However, as a worker, you may need to look at the condition of your shoes and see if the shoes require a replacement.

Benefits of Wearing Shoes for Standing on Concrete

Unlike many other footwear types, shoes that are specially made for walking and standing on a concrete floor are more durable and slip resistant. Other shoes lack these properties, as they are not designed for such extreme conditions.
Below are a few benefits of wearing working shoes for standing on concrete.

  • Slip and skid resistance
  • Protection from scratches and wear out
  • Cushioned midsole for impact minimization
  • Steel toe for protection
  • Thick padded collar and tongue to reduce friction
  • Compliance with ASTM standards for protection
  • Electrical hazards insulation
  • Use easily on a concrete surface

Things to Consider Before Buying Shoes for Standing on Concrete

Once you’ve identified your foot condition and the type of shoes you want, the next step is to do a little research to help you further focus on what kind of things you should look for in a specific shoe type. Or, in this case, the things to consider before buying shoes to stand and walk on hard and concrete surfaces.


Working shoes that are not designed to protect your feet while working can be very painful. Not only such shoes only last a couple of months, but they can eventually create many other foot conditions. Before you buy work shoes, see the level of protection you’ll get with those shoes. Ask questions such as whether the shoes can sustain a heavy load and are created according to the ASTM standards of protection.


Shoes that are made with high quality, premium material last long. The stitching also affects the durability of the shoes. Some work shoes are made of top grain leather, while many others have synthetic upper that resists against wear out and abrasion. To check whether the shoes are durable, ask about the average life span and refer to the user guide for instruction on how to use the shoes properly.

Comfort and ease

Shoes for working and standing on concrete should be comfortable, lightweight, and breathable so the person can easily focus on his work. However, not all shoes are created equal. That’s why you should learn about different sizing options, insoles, outsole material, and the type of work these shoes are ideal for.


The design itself can tell us more about how better the boots are. If you’re going for traditional lace-up boots, you should be aware that not everyone will benefit from them. At the same time, clog and slip-on shoes are easy to put on and take off. The toe design and arch support can also play an important role in helping people reduce stress, soreness, and fatigue on their feet.


When it comes to pricing, work shoes that are designed to be used on a concrete and hard floor surface are a little expensive than traditional shoes. But that doesn’t mean you should be deterred because of the pricing. Unlike many footwear types, shoes for standing on a concrete floor are much better in terms of durability. Overall, these types of shoes are budget-friendly and can be afforded by an average person.

Top 8 Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete

1. Sketchers Men’s Soft Stride Boot

Quality: 4.6/5
Pricing: 4.4/5
Rating: 4.5/5
If you’re looking for boots that are slip resistant, have a sturdy design, and which can minimize the impact on hard ground, then Sketchers Men’s Work Soft Stride is for you. They are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for daily use.

Made of 100% leather, these shoes provide robust traction while the insulation protects against electrical hazards. Whether your work involves walking or standing on a concrete floor, these shoes will keep your feet soft and pain-free. Customers who tried Sketchers said the shoes worked best for their daily work activities.

Safety and protection – Walk on a concrete floor or electrically energized ground, these shoes will protect you against any ground and weather conditions.

Comfort – The composite safety toe, memory foam, and firm traction allow your feet to remain comfortable and safe.

Customization – With six different color options and a wide range of sizes to choose from, Sketchers can fit any foot type and shape.

✔️ Slip resistant and shock protection
✔️ Sturdy shoes for any ground condition
✔️ Lightweight and breathable
✔️ Feel comfortable on your feet
✔️ Wide range of sizing options

❌ Not waterproof

2. Sketchers for Women’s Squad SR

Quality: 4.4/5
Pricing: 4.3/5
Rating: 4.5/5
This pair from Sketchers is designed for women who need extra comfort and durability while working. The shoes not only look good on your feet, but they are also slip resistant and provide protection against extreme ground conditions.

The outsole is made of premium rubber and resists high impact on the ground by dissipating force with the help of its flexible memory foam. Women who tried Sketchers said the design and robustness reduced discomfort and uneasiness caused by their demanding work.

Best for women – Sketchers shoes for women stand a long history of quality and comfort. These shoes are one of the best by this brand.

Style and design – While the daily work requires commitment and attention, these stylish shoes with protection features keep you focused on your most important activities without bugging your feet.

Material – The shoes have quality rubber insoles while the upper is 100% leather. They have padded collars that reduce friction and keep your feet soft and comfortable.

✔️ Work best for women
✔️ Robust design and features
✔️ Protect against shock and hard ground surface
✔️ Flexible sole for comfort

❌ Not suitable for soft surface

3. KEEN Utility Men’s Shoes

Quality: 4.3/5
Pricing: 4.2/5
Rating: 4.4/5
KEEN Utility Men’s Shoes are designed for people who work in a hazardous environment as they will be exposed to extreme conditions. The shoes help protect your feet against possible work injuries and conform with ASTM standards for protection against electrical hazards.

The outsole is made of non-marking rubber that prevents slipping and gives your feet necessary traction while walking on concrete or any other hard surface. Most men who used this boot were satisfied and said it protected their feet while working.

Comfort – KEEN shoes are lightweight, stylish, and comfortable to use for your daily work.

Durability – The outsole with heel locks increases gripping and reduces discomfort. The steel toe feature and water-resistant design protect the shoes from wear-out.

Use – Whether you stand on concrete or any other hard surface, KEEN shoes ensure your feet a long lasting comfort.

✔️ Ideal for hazardous working conditions
✔️ Protect against injury and pain
✔️ Durable and comfortable

❌ The lacing system is not so good

4. Sketchers Sandlot Shoes for Women

Quality: 4.2/5
Pricing: 4.1/5
Rating: 4.3/5
Synergy Sandlot ST is a stylish sporty shoes for women. They are made of top grain nubuck leather, which’s durable and long lasting. The shoe is resistant to wear and can be used in harsh weather and work conditions.

The synthetic upper withstand scrapes and scratches and gives an excellent look. The upper lace-ups and alloy safety toe allow for custom fit design and injury protection. Women had a mixed opinion about these shoes. Some said the shoes stayed true to size, while many others said the shoes were good but not great.

Comfort and ease of use – The outsole traction, flexible midsole, and lace-up front provided comfort during work.

Protection – They are rated as safe by the ASTM standard for protection. You can also use them to work where your body is exposed to an electrical hazard.

Durability – The shoes are made of lightweight nubuck leather and synthetic material, which help resist wear outs and scratches

✔️ Can be used on a concrete surface
✔️ Resist tough weather condition
✔️ Lightweight, breathable, and flexible
✔️ Stabilizing heel overlay

❌ Sizing issue

5. Reebok Men’s Work N 2.0 Shoes

Quality: 4.2/5
Pricing: 4.0/5
Rating: 4.0/5
When it comes to walking and standing for an extended time, many shoes give up on you. But Reebok Men’s 2.0 shoes are just made for those activities that other shoes simply can’t support. Not only they provide comfort and stability to your feet, but the hook and loop fastener enables you to wear or take off the shoes quickly.

Reebok Men’s work shoes are slip resistant, durable, and budget friendly. You can remove the insole and use custom orthotic inserts for your individual needs. These smart looking shoes were appreciated by many buyers who tried them for the first time.

Slip resistant outsole – Whether you stand on a concrete floor or walk on a slippery surface, these shoes will help protect you from slipping.

Design and features – They are made of quality leather material with a rubber outsole and low cut design. These features make the shoes an ideal choice for someone looking for style and comfort.

Size and color – They come in white, black, velcro white (velcro fasteners instead of lace-up). You can select any shoes based on your foot size.

✔️ Ideal for severe weather condition
✔️ Resist slipping and reduce the impact
✔️ Comfortable for daily use
✔️ Last long

❌ May require a break-in period

6. Avia Women’s Avi-Union Shoes

Quality: 4.2/5
Pricing: 4.3/5
Rating: 4.1/5
Women who spend most of their time standing and walking on concrete and hard surfaces can benefit from these shoes. The outsole is made of non-slip rubber material that’s durable and lasts long. The midsole is designed to minimize shock and reduce discomfort.

The synthetic outsole ensures resistance to water, scratches, stains, and oil. Unlike the one above, which also has a hook and loop fastener, this shoe offers a lacing system, which can be adjusted accordingly. Women who used these shoes said the shoes were comfortable, lightweight, and easy to wear.

Slip resistant – Many working women may find the slip resistant feature helpful because of the demanding work that requires walking on hard and slippery surfaces.

Comfort and durability – The shoes are lightweight and durable with customized insoles that provide support and stability.

Size options – Avia Women’s shoes offer a wide range of size options for people with different foot size requirements.

✔️ Custom foot sizes
✔️ Stylish and durable
✔️ Slip resistance

❌ Non breathable upper leather
❌ Minor sizing issues

7. Fila Men’s Memory Work Shoes

Quality: 4.0/5
Pricing: 4.1/5
Rating: 4.1/5
Fila Men’s Memory Workshift shoes provide comfort and stability to your feet without compromising on performance and protection during work. They are budget friendly work shoes that can be used on a concrete surface as well as slippery and soft ground.

The shoes are designed as per ASTM industry standards for protection. Whether you’re working in construction, healthcare, manufacturing, or any other office environment, these shoes will keep your feet comfortable and soft. Men who used these shoes said Fila Men’s Memory shoes provided arch support and didn’t slip.

Comfort and ease of use – The lightweight midsole and memory foam sockliner give your feet extra support and stability.

Durability – The upper synthetic leather and premium rubber outsole give these shoes all-around protection.

Design – The perforated overlay and lace-up front make the shoes breathable and stylish.

✔️ Ideal for daily use
✔️ Breathable and lightweight
✔️ Custom fit your foot
✔️ Traction in rough condition

❌ May not be highly durable

8. Sketchers Women’s Nampa-Wyola Shoes

Quality: 3.9/5
Pricing: 3.8/5
Rating: 3.9/5
Sketcher Nampa-Wyola Women’s shoes are designed for any work activity. They come in black polyurethane color with a wide range of sizing options to choose from. The shoes are lightweight, flexible, and budget friendly. The low-top, slip resistant outsole, electrical hazard protection, and memory foam footbed features make these shoes an ideal choice for workers.

The shoe has tie laces that can be used to tightened or loosen the boot accordingly. The rubber sole offers slip resistance and protects against possible injuries. Women who tried the shoes said the comfort level was not the best.

Design – The pair is 100% man-made and is imported. The upper is designed with synthetic leather with double stitching for durability.

Comfort – Some women found the design uncomfortable and a bit stiff. While some others said that the shoes were much better compared to others.

Slip resistant – The shoes can withstand any slippery surface and provide enough traction to reduce the risk of injuries.

✔️ Durable and sturdy
✔️ Ideal for working women
✔️ Use on concrete for a daily walk

❌ Stiff and hard

best shoes for standing on concrete


Choosing the best shoes for standing on concrete can be a little difficult because of the wide range of options and specifications available on the market. However, with in-depth research and understanding of the market, you’ll be able to recognize which one is better. Based on our research and findings, Sketchers for Women’s Squad SR is the best women’s shoes for standing on concrete. For men, Sketchers Men’s Soft Stride Boot is the best shoes for standing on concrete. Finally, make sure you’re focusing on comfort, durability, stability, and slip resistance features before you buy shoes for standing on concrete.