Best: Itech Active 2 Fitness Tracker Review

Activity monitors are wonderful aides to your fitness goals. They keep you accountable and productive and help you achieve your best physique.

Choosing a fitness Tracker can be confusing, and a massive number of fitness trackers produced by big names like apple, amazfit, and fitbit, make the picking even more hectic. We reviewed the Itech active 2 fitness tracker and found it the best tracker in reliability, affordability, and user experience.

In the basic category, Itech active 2 fitness tracker is a well-functioning device for your physical tracking and routine monitoring. Made by the Itech brand, it carries out various functions that help to enhance your physical health and wellbeing.

Let’s review this one.

A Quick Overview

➤ Itech fitness Tracker tracks your physical activity.
➤ Monitors your health and well-being through built-in sensors.
➤ Features a step counter, a calorie tracker, a heart rate monitor
➤ Gives you smart notifications
➤ A sleep Monitor to track your sleep

Review of Itech Active 2 Fitness Tracker

Here is a detailed review of the Itech fitness Active 2 tracker. We reviewed its features, functions, and specifications.


Itech Active 2 fitness tracker performs basic activity monitoring and fitness tracking. It can track your heart rate and display the data on the device’s vibrant and large screen.

The screen can further display calorie burn. The device tracks your burned calories while working out. Itech Active 2 also counts steps you have taken while walking, running or working out.

It has a multi-sport mode, where you can choose a workout from 8 different sports, for the device to track your exercise precisely. The sport modes include soccer, basketball, Walking, Running, Cycling, Jump-Rope, Badminton, and Climbing.

Itech Active 2 fitness tracker monitors your physical health. It can track your sleep through its built-in sensor, including different sleep phases, such as light sleep, deep sleep, and awake sleep. The device displays the data from the sleep tracker on the app. 

Sleep monitoring is important for a well-functioning body, and keeping your sleep monitored, can enhance your productivity and flame your workouts.

Itech active 2 fitness tracker also monitors your heart rate and ensures your cardiac health is at its best.

The device gives you smart notifications from your phone. It can alert you of incoming calls, text messages, and notifications across the digital platform. Smart notifications provide you access to the phone and, at the same time, keeps you off it, thus enhancing productivity.


Itech Active 2 fitness tracker is built around well-to-do features that can benefit any fitness enthusiast and Gymgoer. Though the device is in the basic category, the features are accurate and can serve the purpose. Let’s look at the key features of Itech Active 2 fitness Tracker.

Heart Rate Monitor (HR)

Itech Active 2 fitness tracker has a built-in heart rate sensor that tracks your heartbeat. Monitoring your heartbeat makes you understand your cardiac health. While working out, you may notice that your pulse rate shoots and your heart beats faster, and in the rest position, your pulse is slow, and the heart beats calmer. 

Understanding the dynamic of your pulse helps you understand your heart. You must strive to achieve a lower heart rate in the rest position and not too high in exercising. The lower heart rate indicates a healthy heart and strong heart. The heart gets tired with a higher heart rate and thus weakens.

Monitoring your pulse is vital to keep the most important organ, the heart, healthy. A healthy calmer heart also boosts your exercising ability and increases exercising stamina. The slower the heart rate is, the greater the stamina to work out. You may have noted that you’re tired as soon as your heart rate reaches its peak. The longer your heartbeat takes to reach its peak, the longer you will be able to work out without getting tired.

Itech tracks your heart and records the data in the app. You can also view your pulse rate at hand on the device screen.

Sleep Monitor

The Itech fitness tracker can monitor your sleep and its phases including deep, awake, and light sleep. 

Quality sleep helps with muscle recovery from burnout from exercise. A good night’s sleep can do wonders for your physical strength and keeps you on track.

Itech active 2 fitness tracker can monitor your sleep and display the data on the app on your smartphone. You are given a statistical analysis of your sleep time, the time phase of your deep sleep, light sleep, and awake state.

Since the device is basic, it can not integrate other factors into your sleep cycle, but you are proactive to take necessary actions from the relative status of your heart rate to achieve quality sleep. You must ensure to achieve a lower overall heart rate to improve the quality of your sleep.

These factors can benefit your fitness journey, and quality sleep can enhance your mental harmony. The sleep tracker of Itech Active 2 fitness tracker is accurate and precise.

Pedometer and Calorie Tracker

  • Itech Active 2 fitness Tracker features an inbuilt pedometer.
  • The pedometer can count your steps and the time you have been active in the movement. It can sense your movement and automatically starts counting your steps. 
  • The pedometer remains active throughout the day and does not stop at any moment, keeping nonstop track of your walking. It can also count your steps while running and jogging. 
  • The pedometer also tracks your distance covered, and you can see the numeric on your screen. 
  • Itech Active 2 fitness Tracker also features a calorie counter that tracks the calorie you burn during exercise and workouts. The calorie tracker can help you eat healthily and keep your body in check. A healthy diet boosts your training and brings your fitness goals closer. The calorie tracker also helps you with weight management.
  • When used as a set of tools together, a pedometer and calorie tracker can greatly affect how your workouts are done.
  • They are closely related, and together they can benefit your fitness journey and physical performance. 
  • You can also set goals for yourself. For example, commit to taking a thousand steps for every can of soft drink afterward. Likewise, for every five thousand steps, you can enjoy a glass of soft drink. Integrating methods like this into your fitness journey makes it effective and exciting.


✔️ IP68 Waterproof
✔️ Heart Rate Monitor (HR)
✔️ Sleep Tracker
✔️ Calorie Tracker
✔️ pedometer
✔️ Smart Notifications
✔️ Easy to use set up
✔️ Lightweight
✔️ Easy on the pocket 


❌ Low Battery Life of almost 2-3 days
❌ Users may face syncing issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the device work with my apple app?
No! The device can be connected to the Itech wearables App on Google PlayStore and Apple store.

Can Itech Activity 2 fitness Tracker monitor blood pressure?
The device cannot measure blood pressure. However, It tracks Heart Rate (HR), monitors your sleep, and counts your steps.

What is the screen size of the tracker?
Itech fitness Tracker features a vibrant 43-millimeter screen display, which is wide for the data to be read.


Itech Active 2 fitness tracker is the best choice if you’re looking for an affordable one. It can track basic fitness activities and can monitor your daily routines accurately. It may be slightly inaccurate compared to its alternatives, but it is the cheapest out there in terms of budget.