Top 8 Best Fitness Trackers for Women

There are hundreds of fitness trackers out there in the market. Most of these have basic functions to count steps, track calories, and monitor heart rate. With so many similarities in their ability to track activities, it becomes hard to pick the right fitness tracker. Especially if you’re looking for something very specific. For instance, finding the best fitness tracker for women could be a lot of hassle since many companies don’t create a fitness tracker that addresses each individual’s needs.

They instead just tweak the color and market the tracker to both genders. Most women may not mind wearing a fitness tracker, regardless of whom it was made for in the first place. However, you still need some freedom in terms of customization. Fitness trackers that pack a ton of useless features become just too bulky for women. Such trackers may not fit their wrists. That’s why to save you time and money, we have compiled a list of top 8 best fitness trackers for women.

8 Best Fitness Trackers For Women

We’ll review and analyze each women fitness tracker and help you pick the one that is the best.

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Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Plus

After reviewing and analyzing different fitness trackers for women, we have concluded that Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Plus is the best.
Quality: 4.5/5
Pricing: 4.7/5
Rating: 4.6/5

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Buying Guide – Best Fitness Tracker for Women

Fitness trackers have been around for quite a while now. Most of them are used for tracking your daily activities and motivating you to exercise more. There are still some other advanced fitness watchers that are ideal for pros. You don’t need many pro functions if you’re just starting. So be sure to know what you’re getting with a fitness tracker that you like.

Why Should Women Wear Fitness Trackers?

With the advent of technology, every other device is becoming smarter. Watches are not an exception. An enormous amount of money is thrown into the market to create smartwatches that people can use for their benefits. Most of these smartwatches are focusing on tracking physical activities. Women who want to monitor their exercises, heart rate, calories, and steps are turning toward these watches. They would be able to interpret this data and use it as a basis for any activities they do. Simply, to remain fit and active, women should wear fitness trackers.

A few brands have also introduced trackers that track reproductive health and menstrual cycles. For women concerned about these valuable benefits, a fitness tracker can be beneficial in providing insight into their overall health.

How Do Fitness Trackers Track Daily Activities?

Think of a fitness tracker as an upgraded version of a typical pedometer that counts steps. There’s a sensor in your tracker that detects movement. Whenever you perform an activity, for example walking, the tracker senses it on a 3-axis accelerometer. Then, the device records your movement and presents it in the form of interactive stats and charts.

Most trackers have the basic function of making use of a person’s data. The fitness watchers then translate it so it can be read easily. Some fitness trackers also use an advanced algorithm and help provide further assistance with activity monitoring. For that purpose, some apps can also enhance your tracker’s capabilities.

Benefits of Wearing a Fitness Tracker

As a woman, you may need to track calories, heart rate, steps, and hydration goals. Though it solely depends on whether you meet these individual goals or not, the fitness tracker, however, will do its best to motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

If you set a fitness goal and want to achieve it by the end of the month, your tracker will break it down into small, workable chunks. Instead of showing you to work just randomly toward that goal, a fitness tracker will actually help you do the things consistently daily. Not only you get to see the progress you make every day, but the fitness tracker also shows you how you’re doing on certain days and what needs to be done to improve.

If someone sticks to his goal, follows the advice and do the work, he’ll eventually achieve his target. You can also hold yourself accountable on social media and fitness forums for attaining your objective.

Before Buying a Fitness Tracker for Women

Before you buy a fitness tracker, decide what do you want to track. If you’re just starting, you don’t need a sophisticated fitness tracker that monitors everything. On the other hand, a pro athlete won’t benefit from a simple fitness tracker that lacks heart rate monitoring and other useful features.


Fitness trackers come in different colors and sizes. Some allow modifications to how your fitness data should be displayed, many other trackers won’t. As a woman, you may look for a fitness tracker that can easily fit your wrist. So, fitness watchers that have various sizing options will best serve your purpose. You can also change bands and replace them with a different one. For a fitness tracker, pick the one that offers a lot of customization. However, it all boils down to what your personal choice is. So choose wisely.

Fitness Tracking

While most fitness trackers track all the basic activities, there are still a few that lack some important tracking features. While choosing the best fitness tracker for women, you should read all the specifications and benefits. Below is a list of tracking features to look for:

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Step counting
  • Calories
  • Laps tracking
  • Upstair counter
  • GPS location

Besides these, fitness trackers also have different activity modes. You can easily switch to any and customize the monitoring capabilities of your smart tracker.


Sms updates, call alerts, calendar, alarm, and social media notifications – all are some of the main notifications you’ll get if the fitness tracker has this feature enabled. While almost all smartwatches can show these alerts, fitness trackers, on the other hand, may not necessarily allow you this customization. Based on that, you can choose your fitness tracker and stay productive all day.

Battery Life

If you’re annoyed by the constant charging of your device, there are a few better options available when it comes to the battery of a fitness tracker. Basic fitness trackers have a coin cell battery that can last up to 6 months. Some also don’t need to be charged at all and will work just fine for a year. On the other hand, fitness trackers with a complex structure and a lot of features need to be charged once or twice a week.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Fitness trackers made of high quality material last long. Those that are cheaply made may not be as durable as others. Also, some fitness trackers are complex and would need to have a user manual for their basic settings. If you’re not a tech-savvy and need help, you can also reach out to the customer care and ask about any issue you may have regarding your product.


It varies based on the fitness tracker, its brand, the accuracy of the device, and its capabilities. Before you decide, ensure that you have the required budget for it. Expensive may not always be the option. Neither cheap serves the purpose. It’s better to first evaluate what features you’re looking for and then see if your budget allows that.

Top 8 Best Fitness Trackers for Women

1. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Plus

Quality: 4.5/5
Pricing: 4.7/5
Rating: 4.6/5
Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Plus comes in six different colors. For women (as of writing this review), it’s one of the best activity tracking devices. You can track distance, steps, calories, and sleep duration.

Fitbit Flex is a smart choice for women who are looking to monitor their daily routine with a stylish and comfortable wristband. It seamlessly synchronizes with your smartphone and keeps you updated on the progress.

Battery life – The tracker works for up to a week on a single charge. However, some users found that the battery lasted just under a week.

Comfort and durability – With small and large wrist bands, the device can comfortably be worn on the wrist. Made of high quality material, this woman fitness tracker lasts long.

Activity tracking – The tracker counts steps, calories, physical activities, and sleep. At this time, they don’t allow for the recording of your heart rate.

✔️ Sleek and stylish
✔️ Comfortable and easy to use
✔️ Track basic activities

❌ No heart rate monitoring

2. Bellabeat Fitness Tracker Jewelry

Quality: 4.4/5
Pricing: 4.6/5
Rating: 4.5/5
Bellabeat Leaf Urban Tracker is different than other conventional wearable fitness trackers. First, it doesn’t require charging. The coin cell battery can last for about six months. It’s also an ideal choice for women because its design reflects that of beautiful jewelry. The package also includes a leather bracelet and a necklace for wearing it around your wrist or neck.

Bellabeat Leaf tracker counts steps, distance, calorie, sleep patterns, stress, reproductive health, and menstrual cycle. Women loved the tracker for its simple and appealing design and its long battery life.

Customization – You can wear it on your wrist or around your neck. They offer the bracelet and necklace free of cost.

Battery life – Unlike other fitness trackers, this one uses a non-chargeable coin cell battery. You may need to replace it after about six months of non stop use.

Tracking – With long battery life, the tracker monitors basic activities 24/7.

✔️ Minimalist design
✔️ Long battery life
✔️ Activity tracking accuracy

❌ No heart rate monitoring

3. Garmin Vivosmart HR Tracker

Quality: 4.3/5
Pricing: 4.5/5
Rating: 4.4/5
Garmin Vivosmart HR tracker is an advanced activity tracker for fitness enthusiasts. Unlike the other two above, this one also monitors your heart rate. Besides that, the tracker also displays smart notifications about calls, texts, music, and games, etc.

Wear it all day without any unease, thanks to its sleek and comfortable band. With the Garmin Connect app, you can automatically sync data across all your devices. Women who tried the tracker said it helped them track their daily activities and improve their fitness level.

Battery life – The tracker works for up to 5 days on a single charge.

Smart notifications – With smart alerts, you get essential notifications right on your fitness tracker to save time and remain productive.

Activity tracking – The fitness tracker tracks heart rate, calories, steps, sleep, and much more.

✔️ Intensity minutes tracking
✔️ Smart notifications
✔️ Wrist based HR monitoring

❌ GPS not enabled

4. TMYIOYC Classic Women Smart Bracelet

Quality: 4.3/5
Pricing: 4.2/5
Rating: 4.5/5
Designed for women, this fitness tracker has a stainless steel body with three different color options. It works both with Android and iOS devices and alerts you when sedentary.

TMYIOYC Classic tracker syncs with your smartphone and can display a dozen different notification for easy access during workout or exercise. This smart bracelet counts steps, monitors sleep, tracks heart rate, and displays sedentary reminders. Women loved this smart bracelet for its sleek design and women-friendly features.

Activity tracking – This fitness tracker offers a wide range of activity monitoring features. Steps, calories, heart rate, and sleep are just to name a few.

Notifications – You get call alerts, SMS notifications, and sedentary reminders.

Comfort and ease of use – They show you a step by step process on how the tracker can be set up and used to avoid discomfort.

✔️ All-day activity tracking
✔️ Heart rate and BP monitor
✔️ Smart alerts and sedentary reminder

❌ Not waterproof

5. TMYIOYC Elegant Woman Fitness Tracker

Quality: 4.2/5
Pricing: 4.3/5
Rating: 4.3/5
TMYIOYC Elegant woman fitness tracker is an updated model of its previous design. It means the addition of other useful features and specifications. The tracker features nine different sports modes and offers monitoring of steps, distance, calories, heart rate, and sleep.

It’s designed for women who want something appealing on their wrist while still tracking their fitness activities. Users who tried TMYIOYC tracker noticed improved physical activities.

Ease of use – The tracker comes with a detailed manual and lifetime support offer from the company. You can comfortably set up the fitness tracker and use it without a problem.

Connectivity – It syncs with both android and iOS devices and stores your fitness data for use.

Notifications – Like its older version, this new model features smart notifications and alerts to help you remain productive and screen-free.

✔️ Heart rate tracking
✔️ Sleek design for women
✔️ Manual for easy set up

❌ Can’t make calls

6. Fitbit Alta HR for Women

Quality: 4.1/5
Pricing: 4.2/5
Rating: 4.2/5
Fitbit Alta HR tracker for women comes in six different colors and three sizes. For anyone looking to rev up their fitness game, this tracker will help a lot.

Tracking sleep stages, heart rate, and calories couldn’t be any easier with Fitbit Alta HR. Not only you get accurate measurements of your fitness activities, but the tracker also transfers all the data wirelessly to your phone, so you don’t miss anything.

Customization options – From replacing the band to changing clock faces to varying light intensity, the tracker supports everything you need in a custom smart monitor.

Auto tracking – Not only heart rate but your sleep stages are also automatically monitored so you can make sense of every minute of your activity.

Battery life – It’s not a hunk of plastic with no power. Fitbit Alta HR lasts for up to 7 days on a single charge, thus powering you through a fitness activity worth a week.

✔️ Seamless syncing feature
✔️ All-day tracking with Fitbit app
✔️ Guided exercises by Fitbit Coach

❌ May not sync with all health apps.

7. Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

Quality: 4.4/5
Pricing: 4.2/5
Rating: 4.3/5
Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band is more than just an activity tracker; it motivates you to move after an hour of activity through a red move bar notifier. Not only that, but you’re also challenged to set a goal each morning and then reach it.

If you’re tired of trackers with battery time that barely lasts a week, then this fitness band is your savior. Your tracker stays on for a whopping one year without having to charge it. Women who train hard and want something intense, this fitness band will best fit their needs.

Daily goals – The tracker sneaks up on your fitness level and then displays a customized goal to help you stay active within that zone.

Connectivity – The Garmin Connect app displays your activities in interactive charts for understanding more about your fitness.

Tracking – All the basic tracking features, plus the ability to personalize each mode so you can benefit more.

✔️ 1+ year battery life
✔️ Water resistant
✔️ Personalized daily goals
✔️ User manual

❌ Inaccurate sedentary notification

8. Lintelek Fitness Tracker for Women

Quality: 4.1/5
Pricing: 4.0/5
Rating: 4.1/5
Lintelek Fitness tracker monitors sleep, heart rate, steps, calories and much more. Besides those basic features, this fitness tracker also notifies you of any incoming calls, texts, and social media notifications.

Women may find it useful for their activity tracking and phone alerts because of its ideal design and TPU straps. If you’re annoyed by anything you wear on your wrist, then this tracker will end all of it. Not only is the strap made of soft material, but the lightweight and comfortable design of the case makes it easy on the wrist.

Tracking accuracy – Contrary to many other fitness trackers for women, this one is quite accurate.

Charging – Built-in USB charging enables you to power your tracker any time you want.

Activity tracking and notifications – The tracker comes loaded with useful features for smart monitoring and phone notification options.

✔️ Can fit most wrist sizes
✔️ All-day activity tracking
✔️ HR and steps monitoring

❌ Not many

fitness tracker for women


It concludes our list of the best fitness tracker for women. However, you still need to pick one and start your activities right away. If you’re looking to improve your fitness level, remain healthy, and train well, then don’t sit on the fence. Just get moving and start today. You may also look for a fitness tracker that appeals to your individual needs. For instance, the ability to count steps, track calories, and monitor exercise. On that basis, the best one is Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Plus. It has all the basic functions you need to start and improve your fitness activities.