Top 8: Best Fitness Tracker for Sensitive Skin

For many people, fitness trackers are bliss. For some others, their benefits come with a few problems: allergic reaction and skin irritation.

To help you avoid skin allergy and irritation caused by fitness trackers, our research team at CountFit have thoroughly analysed and picked 8 best fitness tracker for sensitive skin.

Best Fitness Tracker for Sensitive Skin

Below are the 8 best fitness trackers, as per our detailed research data, for people with sensitive skins.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Fitness Tracker for Sensitive Skin

After reviewing and analyzing different fitness trackers for sensitive skins, we have concluded that Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is the best.
Rating Scale
Quality: 4.6/5
Pricing: 4.7/5
Performance: 4.6/5

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Which Fitness Trackers Cause Skin Allergies?

Skin rash and allergy due to wearable products are nothing new. Many people are prone to develop bumps, eczema, hives, and red spots due to bracelets, earrings, bands, and different jewelry items. In the case of fitness trackers, the cause of your skin irritation can be both due to your skin type and the kind of material used in the activity tracker.
Here are a few materials to look for that may cause you a rash:

Nickel – a chemical element that can cause an itchy rash. Some brands do use nickel in their fitness trackers.

Metals – Besides nickel, cobalt, zinc, chromium, and other metals also contain allergens. It’s better not to use a fitness tracker with a metal band.

Leather – Leather contains a chemical that can cause contact dermatitis. Wearing a fitness tracker made of such leather can cause allergies.

Rubber – Some fitness trackers with rubber straps can cause you latex allergy.

If you’ve sensitive skin, you should avoid using fitness trackers with straps made of these materials.

Which Allergies Do Fitness Trackers Cause?

The most common allergic reaction due to a fitness tracker is rash. If you’ve sensitive skin and have a previous history with allergy, you may get:

  • Rashes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Throat infection
  • Hives
  • Stuffed nose
  • Itchy ears

A fitness watch may or may not cause all of these allergic reactions. It depends on the sensitivity and exposure to the allergens. Some fitness trackers with traces of nickel, for example, in Fitbit fitness monitors, can cause a rash and nothing more than that. But if you go with a cheaply made fitness tracker, the chances of a more severe allergic reaction are higher.

How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker for Sensitive Skin?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to picking an activity tracker that can help you avoid allergies. However, you should know about the material and content used in making the fitness tracker.

Almost all Fitbit smart trackers have traces of nickel, which is a red flag for people with sensitive skin. If you’ve owned an activity tracker before and have never experienced skin reactions, you may not need to worry much about the nickel content. It’s because your skin is not highly active toward that material.

If you still don’t want to leave anything to chance, consider reading the specification of the product and see the chemicals or metals they have used in their device. If there’s anything nickel, zinc, dyed leather, or rubber latex, skip ahead. Find a fitness tracker with silicone material, which’s non-allergic, durable, and flexible. You can pick Xioami Mi 5 fitness tracker that has a silicone-made strap.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fitness Tracker for Sensitive Skin

Besides fitness tracking accuracy, battery life, apps, notification features, and design of the fitness tracker, you should also know about the irritation and skin allergic reaction. Below are a few tips that will help you combat any adverse reaction.

Before you buy a fitness tracker, make sure that it’s not made of any material that’s known to cause skin irritation. You can order a free product specification guide or ask your provider directly. An excellent place to start is to question people about any possible allergic reaction. If the materials used are:

  • Nickel
  • Cobalt
  • Zinc
  • Rubber latex
  • Certain plastic
  • Dyed leather

It means there’s a possibility that you may develop mild skin irritation or inflammation due to the presence of these chemicals.

While the material of the tracker is often blamed, there are also some other ways your skin can become inflamed or allergic. If you’ve just started using your fitness tracker, you may be excited to wear it all day long. Apparently, it’s a good idea. But your skin may take some time to get used to the device. That’s why skin rash and itchy spots may appear on your wrist in the first days of using a fitness tracker. To avoid that, keep your fitness tracker away when you don’t need to track your exercise and sleep patterns.

During the summer, the allergic reaction becomes worse. Because during an intense fitness activity or exercise, dirt and sweat gather around the band of your fitness device. Always clean your fitness tracker after a workout and let it dry completely.

If you wear a smart activity tracker with a silicone-made strap but still develop a skin rash, that’s because the overtightening of the band, your skin properties, or your hygienic conditions are to blame for. You can loosen the strap and clear your wrist to avoid irritation.

Fitness trackers with custom bands and replaceable straps are available on the market. You can get a high-quality band that’s hypoallergenic and resists skin irritation. However, not all fitness trackers come with this option. Even some may not have straps for people with allergies. Therefore, check with your supplier and see if you have that option available.

Top 8: Best Fitness Tracker for Sensitive Skin

1. Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Fitness Tracker for Sensitive Skin

Rating Scale
Quality: 4.6/5
Pricing: 4.7/5
Performance: 4.6/5
Xiaomi Mi Band 6 tracker comes with a 1.56” screen display and a clear user interface. While most fitness trackers are limited in what they can track and display, Mi Band 6 is different. It not only reminds you of any notification by vibration, but the screen also shows you the detail of each notification.

With this fitness band, you can seamlessly track heart rate, sleep patterns, and daily steps. People who are allergic to plastic or nickel, this fitness tracker works perfectly for sensitive skins, as the band is made of hypoallergenic silicone band. People who used Mi Band 6 were impressed with battery life and tracking accuracy.

Comfort and ease of use – It’s the best fitness tracker for people with sensitive skin as its band doesn’t cause any allergy. The device is easy to set up and connects without issues.

Fitness tracking – Mi band 6 accurately measures heart rate, steps, and sleep patterns. Many users reported excellent fitness tracking accuracy.

Notifications – When you get a new notification, this fitness tracker vibrates and displays the details of alerts right on the screen.

✔️ Sensitive-skin friendly
✔️ Lightweight, easy to use
✔️ Vibration alerts
✔️ Accurate tracking
✔️ Custom watch faces
✔️ Long battery life

❌ The design may not be everyone’s favorite

2. Moov HR Fitness Tracker

Rating Scale
Quality: 4.4/5
Pricing: 4.6/5
Performance: 4.5/5
While most fitness trackers are designed to be worn on either your wrist or chest, Moov HR is different. It’s a versatile and user friendly fitness headband. The headband is compatible with most Android and iOS devices and can track different heart rate zones for targeted workouts.

To set up the tracker, slide the sensor in a silicone holder in the headband and connect it with your smartphone. The headband may leave your head a little way, but it also stops the dripping of sweat on your face. The tracking accuracy is good compared to many of its competitors.

Design – Unlike other fitness trackers, it’s a wearable headband, with a sensor that should stay on your temple. The headband has double-layered clothing that wicks away moisture.

Hypoallergenic – You don’t have to worry about some cheap plastic band, as this one uses a silicone slot to fit the sensor. If you have sensitive skin, this headband tracker will be useful.

Fitness monitoring – Moov HR works well for people who are interested in heart rate based training and exercises. The device accurately measures your heart rate to ensure the right exercises are being performed.

✔️ Fitness coaching
✔️ Measures fitness data accurately
✔️ Ideal for sensitive skins
✔️ Apps compatible

❌ Needs some adjustment before tracking

3. Bragi Dash Pro Fitness Tracker

Rating Scale
Quality: 4.5/5
Pricing: 4.2/5
Performance: 4.3/5
Bragi has stepped into the world of fitness tracking by rolling out Dash Pro – advanced, AI-backed intelligent earbuds.

For someone with sensitive skin, these wireless earbuds are made of hypoallergenic and waterproof material. You can track heart rate, steps, and calories without manually setting things up. Customers who used the tracker said it had an excellent sound and was worth the price.

Comfort and ease of use – The earbuds are small enough to keep your ears comfortable and pressure-free.

Fitness tracking – Whether it’s heart rate, sleep, swimming, calories or steps, this wireless earbuds fitness tracker will accurately record it for you.

Value – Bragi earbuds are of premium quality and the price may be a little expensive for average users. However, this earbud tracker is worth it.

✔️ Great sound
✔️ Fitness activity tracking
✔️ Smart design
✔️ Sensitive skin-friendly

❌ May be expensive for some users

Best similar alternative suggested for unavailable product

4. Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker

Rating Scale
Quality: 4.3/5
Pricing: 4.5/5
Performance: 4.4/5
If you want a real-time fitness coach that can track your heart rate, daily steps, sleep patterns, and swim laps, then Moove Now is for you. Wear it on your wrist or ankle and monitor every move you make.

To view detailed and interactive data of your daily fitness activities, simply turn to the Moove App and assess your progress. Unlike other fitness trackers that require constant charging, Moov Now is by far the best one as it doesn’t need to be charged. The coin cell battery lasts for a whopping six months. Users who used the tracker said it was lightweight, accurate, and sensitive-skin friendly.

Motion sensing technology – Moov Now uses a technology called Omni Motion, which is based on accelerometers for detecting the slightest of motion during exercise and sleep.

Design – The design is a bit different than other conventional fitness trackers. There’s no screen. The sensor is fixed inside a silicone-made strap, which is lightweight, stretchy, and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Customization – This fitness tracker can be customized for any fitness activity that you perform. An additional band is also included in the case.

Budget friendly smart tracker
Coaching app for targeted exercises
Long battery life

Slow syncing of the data

5. MorePro Fitness Tracker

Rating Scale
Quality: 4.2/5
Pricing: 4.4/5
Performance: 4.0/5
MorePro is a budget friendly fitness activity tracker with a 0.96” wide display and a high definition bright-colored screen. You can use the tracker to measure your heart rate, sleep pattern, and many other fitness activities. MorePro seamlessly connects with your smartphone and tracks the main exercises automatically. This feature will give you a complete overview of your fitness level.

A built-in USB plugin makes the charging process quick and efficient. If you’re using it by heavy loading, the battery will last 3-5 days. However, light loading can extend the battery time by up to a week. Users who tried MorePro said it accurately tracked their heart rate and was easy to set up.

Fitness tracking – Walk, run, train, bike, or swim; this fitness tracker will track all of it to a higher degree of accuracy.

Notifications – There’s a sedentary reminder after every 30 minutes of inactivity. You can also set a physiological reminder based on your gender and status. MorePro syncs with your smartphone and can notify you about calls, texts, and social media notifications.

Ease of use – The automatic tracking feature and a built-in USB plug make it easy to use the tracker. The device set up is secure and doesn’t take time to sync with your phone.

✔️ Comfortable for daily use
✔️ Sedentary and physiological period alerts
✔️ Water resistant
✔️ Easy setup

❌ Not waterproof

Best similar alternative suggested for unavailable product

6. Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Tracker

Rating Scale
Quality: 3.8/5
Pricing: 4.0/5
Performance: 3.9/5
Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Tracker is a sleek and minimalist activity monitoring device that tracks sleep patterns, steps, swimming, and aerobic workouts. The Flex 2 is easy to use, comfortable, and so lightweight that you will barely notice it on your wrist.

The best thing about this fitness tracker is its goal-based tracking system. There are five LEDs aligned vertically along the tracker that glow to show you the fitness goal in progress. Your Android or iOS device can be paired with this fitness tracker, which will show you, by means of an LED color coding, whether you’ve received any notification. Users who tried Flex 2 said it was easy to use and felt extremely lightweight.

Waterproof design – Flex 2 fitness tracker measures swimming laps and can be used while taking a shower or washing hands.

Fitness tracking – You can count steps, track calories burned, and monitor your sleep patterns. However, some users didn’t like the calorie tracking feature.

Comfort and ease of use – The tracker was easy to use, lightweight, and comfortable.

✔️ Smart and sleek design
✔️ Tracks sleep, steps, and swimming

❌ Calorie tracking inaccurate

Or buy it in black color: PRICE

7. Mgaolo Fitness Tracker HR

Rating Scale
Quality: 4.0/5
Pricing: 4.3/5
Performance: 4.2/5
If you’re looking for a fitness tracker with various color options and the ability to track your fitness activity 24 hours, then look no further than Mgaolo Fitness Tracker HR. You can connect your Android or iOS smartphone using bluetooth. The sync function is excellent as compared to many other fitness trackers.

Like many other fitness trackers, this one also notifies you about calls and texts. You can reject or answer the call right from this tracker. The tracker uses your phone GPS for location and real-time route mapping. The battery can last up to five days on a single charge.

Notifications – Mgaolo smart fitness tracker can display and answer calls. It also has a sedentary reminder and menstrual period tracking feature for women.

Activity tracking – The tracker can measure heart rate, sleep patterns, and steps.

Value – The fitness tracker is budget-friendly and works just as well as an expensive activity tracker. Overall, it’s worth the price.

✔️ Sedentary reminder
✔️ Bright display
✔️ Automatic tracking
✔️ Answer/reject phone calls

❌ Step counting may be inaccurate

8. Misfit Wearables Flash Fitness Monitor

Rating Scale
Quality: 4.0/5
Pricing: 4.3/5
Performance: 4.1/5
Misfit Flash is different from all other fitness trackers. The ultra modern and minimalist design makes the tracker a perfect choice for those looking to measure their activities in style.

You can track your steps, calories, distance, and other sports activities all the time as the tracker has a coin cell battery, which lasts up to 6 months. To get a clear concept of your overall fitness activities, the tracker can store up to 30 days worth of data.

Customization – The tracker comes in five different color options. You can wear it on your wrist, sleeve, waist, shirt, shoes, pocket and belt.

Connectivity – Misfit Flash can connect with both android and iOS smartphones and many other fitness apps like Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, and IFTTT, etc.

Activity tracking – Besides measuring the basic fitness activities, Misfit Flash tracker can also track cycling, yoga, basketball, dancing, and soccer, etc

✔️ Six months of battery life
✔️ Various exercise modes
✔️ Can be worn anywhere

❌ May stop working
❌ Won’t work without the app

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does a smartwatch give me a rash?
A rash due to a smartwatch may be the result of the material that the smartwatch is made of. For example latex rubber, nickel, silver, and polycarbonate. These materials contain allergens that cause rash and other allergic reactions.

Do all Fitbit smartwatches have a nickel?
Fitbit smartwatches may have traces of nickel – as it’s common with material made from stainless steel. However, the amount of nickel is very low and therefore you should be fine.

How do I prevent a rash from my fitness tracker?
If you’ve got a rash from your fitness tracker device, don’t fret. There’s always a solution. Keep your device clean and dry. Also, get comfortable without wearing your device when it’s not in use.

best fitness tracker for sensitive skin


That’s all there’s to it. Skin allergy is one of the common health concerns all over the world. For someone with sensitive skin, who also wants to track their fitness activities and monitor their health, an allergen-free smartwatch is a great option. Not only is it useful for a person’s fitness and wellbeing, but it can also track his activities without a troublesome allergic reaction. If you’re ready to give such a fitness tracker a try, Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Fitness Tracker for Sensitive Skin is your best bet.