Best Fitness Tracker for Seniors without a Smartphone

Most seniors need to track their physical fitness throughout the day. Fitness trackers can motivate them to physical exertion, spark their immobile life and can make them accountable for their daily choices and activities. Seniors, Grandpas, Grandmas and Parents in their 50s and 60s find digital and technological gadgets too hectic to set up. They can easily get frustrated with the technical side of digital products. They find it difficult to carry a smartphone all the time and are confused about trackers, their setup and syncing with smartphones. In this article, we have reviewed what’s the best fitness tracker for seniors without a smartphones. 

Quick Winners

Don’t want to read until the end? No worries. Below are two of our quick winnesr!

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 is designed to provide insightful data about your health and physical activities. It tracks beyond calories counting and Heart Rate monitoring. Samsung watch active 2 does not need smartphone connectivity. Its broad interface displays a multitude of data right onto its screen. It comes with bluetooth and can also be connected to a smartphone. But for it to function, It does not need smartphone connectivity as such. So it’s a great fitness tracker for older people without a phone.

  • No Smartphone Connectivity required.
  • Advance health Monitoring and workouts
  • Automatically tracks your most popular activities
  • Heart Rate Tracker
  • GPS Tracker
  • Vibrant Display of 1.2 inches.
  • Fall detection sensor and emergency SOS

2. Garmin Forerunner 55 Fitness tracker

Garmin Forerunner 55 is designed around running and overall physical fitness. For seniors who need a fitnes tracker without using a smartphone, it can be a great watch. It is significantly more modern and robust than the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. Garmin Forerunner has almost the same features as that of our first winner Samsung Galaxy, but is more durable and tough in make up. It also features a 20 hours battery life on active GPS and up-to one week on smart watch mode. It is more than a fitness tracker and has the latest features to help you in our fitness journey with special focus on running experience. It is designed for runners and athletes.

  • Automatically tracks your heart rate and display the data on screen
  • Advanced Features designed for fitness tracking
  • Stress monitors, calories counter, pedometer
  • Inbuilt GPS tracker decides routes for you and also record your frequent paths
  • Display pace, distance travelled, and time interval after every workout session
  • Fall detection sensor and emergency SOS

Why a fitness tracker for seniors without a smartphone connectivity?

Fitness trackers without smartphone connectivity are ideal trackers for elders. They grant them freedom and comfort of use. Seniors can find it difficult to have a smartphone on them all the time, some elders don’t use one at all and even can face difficulty operating one. Aged people can wear fitness trackers that doesn’t require phone to monitor their habits and daily routines. They are accountable to add as much as a glass of soft drink to their daily consumption after they have drunk one. Fitness Trackers can help them monitor their activities throughout the day and keep them in check, they are also able to detect diseases like heart arrhythmia and sleep apnoea. Fitness trackers should not be operated as medical devices, but they can help with unusual symptoms and keep them proactive about their physical health, something which they can later be reiterated in their medical record. Fitness Trackers without smartphone connectivity help seniors to monitor their activity without the need to indulge in the tech side of digital gadgets, and provide them with data directly to their wrist.

Benefits of fitness trackers for aged people without a smartphone

Seniors need activity monitoring more ardently than middle aged and grownups. As we grow older the body becomes more instant to stimulation both physically and mentally, and our position requires us to keep in check our lives more than ever. Fitness trackers can benefit seniors in keeping them accountable and in control of their bodies. They can comprehend the changes in their physical and mental health through their routine records and daily intake. They can also set goals for themselves based on health problems, they can set eating plans for themselves, useful reminders, and always can pay back for a cheat meal through a notification to walk/jog.

Fitness tracker for seniors without a smartphone

We researched different reliable devices for activity monitoring that do not need a smartphone to function and found the listed below to be the best and budget friendly.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 tops our list as a fitness tracker for elders which need no smartphone syncing. It is designed to assist you with in-depth analysis of your activities and routine. It works more than a fitness tracker. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is equipped with advanced sensors, such as Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer, GPS Tracker and Heart Rate Monitor.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Fitness Tracking

Samsung Galaxy watch Active 2 is more than a fitness tracker. It tracks your physical activity around the clock. But more than that it comes with various advanced sensors that help with accuracy in physical tracking, and benefit your overall experience. Its inbuilt Accelerometer measures your acceleration rate, and uses that data to provide you suggestions and tips through a unique function “pace coaching” to further enhance your running experience. Another unique feature is its Gyro sensor, which measures your angular velocity. Gyro sensor helps in measuring pace while sensing your physical rotation during tracks and paths that have turns. Gyro sensor helps in tracking your acceleration more accurately and ensures no loss of data while running sharp turns on the track. Samsung Galaxy watch Active 2 also has a barometer sensor that measures atmospheric pressure and keeps you informed about weather conditions. The barometer can sense pressure in the air and reduction in atmospheric pressure reduces temperature, thus suggesting you to take a jacket on your walk/run. With all these unique features, this is the best fitness tracker for seniors without a smartphones.

Beyond that it automatically performs all the basic tracking such as, cycling, running, walking, jogging, weightlifting and much more. Users are able to select from a variety of sport modes manually. 

Activity Monitoring

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 monitors your activity 24/7. It derives from its sensors statistical data and analyses your routine habits, that data is further integrated into your daily physical activities and provides you with results from this process. It has an advanced Heart rate tracker that notify you when your heart rate drops down too low or too high. It is able to set goals and routines and you also get notification about different call to action tips. The sleep tracker monitors your sleep in different phases, and analyses that data to make you suggestions, also it notifies you to do certain activities for achieving a more healthy sleep, such as it notifies you to try meditation more often, running more instead of frequent jogging and slow walking etc. It monitors your stress levels and suggests you breathing techniques through its calm app. 


✔️ Advanced sensors
✔️ detailed physical tracking
✔️ Activity monitoring through statistical data
✔️  Sophisticated smart watch function
✔️  Waterproof
✔️ Weather information
✔️ Large screen display detailed info
✔️ Vibrant display visibility in daylight
✔️ 2 days battery life on a single charge
✔️  Inbuilt Speakers let you play music on your watch
✔️ not dependant on smartphone connectivity
✔️ GPS Tracker
✔️  Full Package


❌ Two days battery life may be deterrent to some users

Garmin Forerunner 55 fitness Tracker

Garmin forerunner is a fitness tracker by Garmin & Co. It is designed for runners and athletes, but is as much a full stack fitness tracker as any other high-end activity monitor. It has advanced features to make your fitness journey worthwhile.

Features of Forerunner 55 fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracking

Garmin Forerunner 55 Fitness tracker is an ideal activity monitor for old age people that does not need a smartphone to connect. It is user friendly and has an easy to follow interface. Garmin’s Forerunner uses advanced inbuilt sensors that records your running and jogging precisely, with insights that help you enhance your pace, and makes you love running more. Garmin forerunner 55 is a full package fitness tracker, from running and jogging to heart rate monitoring and stress levels measurement forerunner 55 covers all. 

Garmin forerunner 55 pedometer counts your step while running and walking. Its pedometer exchanges data with running sensors and makes the tracking more precise.

Forerunner’s inbuilt GPS Tracker records routes for your running and suggests you expected routes based on your previous running routes taken. Garmin forerunner’s GPS Tracker is immaculate and records routes and distance with topnotch precision.

Along with its stunning GPS Tracker and precise Pedometer, Garmin Forerunner 55 has all the fitness tracking and activity tracking features. It counts your calories and also tracks calories burned during exercise. It tracks your exercises automatically, but you can also track your exercises manually from the multi-sport mode which includes running, jogging, cycling, swimming, football, rugby and more. It notify you of useful suggestions, is able to set alarms for your fitness routine and suggest methods to improve your sleep through its sleep tracker.


✔️ A topnotch GPS tracker
✔️ Waterproof
✔️ Precise activity monitor
✔️ Advanced fitness tracking
✔️ Multi sport mode
✔️ Bluetooth connectivity (works with bluetooth)
✔️ Sleep tracker
✔️ Heart rate tracker
✔️ Accurate and precise
✔️ best for outdoor activities 
✔️ Breath monitors for yoga
✔️ Smart notification when connected through bluetooth


❌ Battery life could Improve

Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Tracker

Our list features the Fitbit Versa 2 tracker as the 3rd spot in a list of fitness tracker for seniors that need no smartphone connectivity.

Features of Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Tracker

Activity Monitoring

Fitbit Versa 2 fitness tracker monitors your activity and helps you achieve your fitness goals at best. It is wireless and is not dependent on a smartphone to function. The large display can show a multitude of data to get you going. It works the same way as a basic fitness tracker but does not need a smart phone syncing to monitor your activity. 

Sleepscore helps you enhance your sleep quality. The Fitbit versa 2 sleep monitor ensures that you get quality sleep based on your heart rate tracking, it monitors deep sleep and REM sleep and awake sleep. It makes you suggestions to enhance your sleep and necessary call to actions in case of a bad night.

Heart Rate tracker helps you monitor your heart beat. The Fitbit Versa 2 heartbeat tracker sends the data to help sleepscore analyse your sleep and exchange information to enhance your sleep and also show you insights about what’s affecting your heart rate and notifies you of any unusual signs.

Fitness Tracking

Fitbit Versa 2 tracks your fitness journey. It can track your workouts, physical movement, outdoor involvement, time spent outdoors and more. You can choose from different sport modes to track your exercise. It is also able to track your workouts automatically. With a wide variety of functions fitbit versa 2 makes your fitness tracking accurate and worthwhile.

Fitbit Versa 2 also has  an accelerometer sensor that can sense your acceleration while running, integrate that data into your workout and display the information on the tracker’s screen. It also has an Oxymeter sensor that determines the quantity of oxygen in your blood and provides info about your cardiac and respiratory health.


✔️ Activity monitoring 24/7
✔️ accurate Fitness tracking with inbuilt sensors
✔️ Accelerometer to determine acceleration
✔️ Oxymeter sensor to determine your blood oxygen level
✔️ Inbuilt Alexa assistant accessible through builtin microphone
✔️ Waterproof
✔️ Battery Life up-to 7 days
✔️ Smart Notifications
✔️ Display fitness achievements on the larger screen
✔️ Built-in light for clear visibility outdoors


❌ Lack inbuilt speaker

MorePro Fitness Activity Tracker

MorePro fitness tracker is our fourth pick in the list. It is picked as a basic fitness tracker for elders that does not need a smartphone connectivity. It can track your physical activity and monitor your heart rate and sleep quality.

Features of MorePro Fitness Activity Tracker

If you want a simple fitness tracker to monitor your activity and at the same time is not dependent on a smart phone connection this is the best pick. Compared to Samsung Galaxy watch 2 Active, Garmin forerunner 55 and the Fitbit versa 2 Fitness Tracker, it is rather cheap, can perform the basic tracking and activity monitoring and also display variables on your tracker’s screen.

It features a  heart rate tracker to monitor your heart beat and provide information based on your activity. The inbuilt sleep monitor also exchanges information with the heart rate tracker to improve your sleep quality. Surprisingly it does contain an Oximeter sensor to determine levels of oxygen in your blood. More Pro Fitness activity Tracker has all the basic features of an activity monitor and comes with useful additional insights. More Pro fitness tracker has a calories counter to track your calorie consumption and calorie burn. Calorie counters provide you insights into your eating habits and ensure your calories management stays undisturbed. More Pro Fitness Tracker has a pedometer to count your steps. The pedometer also exchanges data between inbuilt sensors to help with more accurate physical tracking.


✔️ No Smartphone connectivity needed to track activity
✔️ Sleep tracker
✔️ Blood Oxygen sensor
✔️ Pedometer
✔️ Calorie Tracker
✔️ Smart Notifications upon connectivity with phone
✔️ Useful suggestions and tips
✔️ IP68 WaterProof
✔️ Blood Pressure Monitor
✔️ Built in USB plug for charging 


❌ Lack GPS Tracker
❌ Blood pressure monitor may be inaccurate

Amazfit Band 5 Activity Fitness Tracker

Amazfit Band 5 Activity fitness Tracker is produced by Amazfit company. It is a basic activity monitor and fitness tracker with a built-in Alexa assistant. We have included it in our fitness monitor with no smartphone connectivity list due to its affordability and the company amazfit being the leading production of affordable fitness trackers. Amazfit Band 5 Activity Fitness Tracker does not need a smart phone syncing to monitor your physical activity. It has a large screen that displays your workout data.

Features of Amazfit Band 5 Activity Fitness Tracker

Amazfit Band 5 Activity Fitness Tracker has a sleep monitor to track your sleep quality and makes sure you get sound sleep throughout the night. The sleep monitor can be manually adjusted between sleep timing, during which it tracks your sleep quality including deep sleep and awake sleep. It also has a heart rate monitor to track your heart beat and provide relevant data. The heart rate monitor also provides data to the sleep tracker and shares useful insights about your sleep cycle and suggests steps for you to dream well. Its calorie tracker monitors your food intake and calorie consumption, providing statistics to help you with weight management. It features a stress tracker that monitors your stress levels and integrates the data to suggest exercises and workouts. 


✔️ No smartphone needed
✔️ Affordable
✔️ Sleep Tracking
✔️ Heart Rate Tracking
✔️ Measure Blood Oxygen Saturation
✔️ Smart Notification
✔️ Large Screen display 1.1 Inches
✔️ Multisport mode


❌  Lacks a GPS Tracker
❌ Lacks a Pedometer

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a reliable fitness tracker for seniors that can perform well without smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Garmin Forerunner 55 are the best. Fitbit Versa 2 fitness tracker is also a considerable choice after Samsung Galaxy and Garmin forerunner 55. The others listed below are also great to use but they have their own pros and cons.