About CountFit

Our Struggle.

It all started at work. We were stressed, drained and, completely exhausted. The problem was the corporate workplace where we had to work long hours. As a result, we started to notice some annoying patterns.

  • Eat unhealthy food
  • Little or no time to exercise
  • Poor productivity
  • Develop sitting risks
  • Pain and inflammation
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Countfit was Born!

We couldn’t be any worse. So, we sat down for another meeting that was not about work. We committed to become the best version of ourself by making better choices to remain healthy, fit, and productive. Can you relate to our struggle? We thought about people who might as well struggle with the problems that we had. That’s why we decided to share our journey with you. And hence Countfit was born. 

The Journey.

The journey is all about making better choices that would help you become healthy, fit, and productive. We’ll share with you the best resources on exercise, physical fitness, pain & inflammation, and productivity. Our team will also test and review best healthcare products and fitness gadgets to support your journey along the way.


We'd love to hear from you.

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